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Could gray divorce help California residents regain happiness?

It is not unusual for individuals to stay in unhappy marriages for a considerable amount of time. If parties have children, they may think that staying married is the best route for ensuring that their kids are not adversely affected by divorce. As a result, some California residents may find themselves feeling as if they have lost part of themselves over the years. In the end, once the children are grown and gone, some older parties may choose to end the marriage and start again.

Though the idea of ending a long-term, unhappy marriage can feel freeing, it can also prove frightening. One woman in another state gave her account of getting divorced after 52 years of marriage, and she stated that she was not sure what she was going to do in her life as a single person. Though she thought she would endure the relationship for "the long haul," she did state that she regretted not leaving her husband sooner.

Empathy, professional help may assist during California divorce

If the time comes for a marriage to end, some California residents may fear the dissolution process. They have likely heard numerous stories in which the divorcing couple faced complicated proceedings and continual arguments over who got what. However, not every divorce case has to take on such a tone, and many individuals may have the opportunity for a better process depending on how they approach their cases. 

One aspect that could help some people face a less stressful divorce is to practice empathy. Everyone from the couple themselves to the children to other close relatives can be impacted by the end of a marriage, and understanding that feelings can run high may lower the likelihood of emotional outbursts. Children especially need a stable environment in which to deal with their parents' divorce. 

Know the basic types of California alimony

Alimony, or spousal support, generally ranks among the issues that most concern California couples in the process of divorcing. Understanding why and how courts award alimony can give you a better general idea of what to expect as you proceed.

In general, courts award alimony in the presence of an income discrepancy between the divorcing spouses. Without these considerations, the spouse with the lesser income often suffers financially and may have difficulty setting up an independent living situation.

There is no set way for California residents to discuss divorce

Deciding the best time to bring up a difficult and potentially life-changing topic can seem impossible. Some prefer to plan ahead and anticipate possible reactions, while others may simply want to take a fast approach and get an issue out in the open as soon as possible. For many California residents, telling a spouse about the desire to divorce could be such a difficult topic.

When individuals feel uncertain about potentially ending their relationships, they may feel even more reluctant to broach the topic. However, for some, the end of this particular era may be unavoidable. One man described his situation of asking his wife for divorce after 14 years of marriage. He stated that they had grown apart during their years together and had chosen to separate.

3 alternatives to traditional custody arrangements

When parents separate, the most important consideration is the well-being of their children. Many partners stay together for the sake of their kids, but when this becomes impossible, divorce necessitates a new approach to parenting. Shared custody was the default for a long time, but as divorce has become more common, more parents have sought alternatives. These three options may be a better fit for your family and provide your kids with the support they need.


Divorce prep may help when it comes to finances in California

Most people face financial worries at some point in their lives. Often, major life events, such as divorce, can cause financial upset that leaves many parties needing to get their affairs back in order. Luckily, there are a variety of ways California residents could address their monetary problems and goals in hopes of bettering their situations. 

One action that could help individuals straighten out their finances and potentially add to savings is to cut back on unnecessary spending. Though most people enjoy splurging on a item now and then, making purchases that are not needed at the time or could be considered frivolous could cause additional hardship. Therefore, parties may wish to cut back on such spending and strategize when it comes to making needed purchases. 

Story writing may reduce stress effects of divorce in California

Many California residents have likely been told to write down their feelings at some point or another. It is a commonly held belief that keeping a diary or journal can help individuals process emotion more fully in order to reduce stress and other issues. Because divorce is a particularly stressful event for many people, some parties may wish to consider how writing can help.

It was recently reported that creating a story from divorce could help lessen the effects of stress on the body. A study was conducted with 109 individuals in which separate groups were given different writing assignments. One group focused solely on their emotions relating to the issue, and a second group created a narrative story from their experience. The task for the third group was described as emotionally neutral. 

Differing divorce methods may offer benefits in California

Whenever dealing with difficult predicaments, many California residents want to handle the issues in the least harmful way possible. Because divorce can have substantial impacts on the lives of those involved, many parties may wish to go through the process with as little conflict and upset as they can. For some, a collaborative approach may be able to offer such outcomes.

Because divorce can seem overwhelming and confusing, having the right information and assistance can make a considerable difference. With collaborative law, divorcing couples work with their legal counsel and various other professionals to complete the dissolution of their marriages. These professionals can offer advice on legal, financial and emotional aspects of the cases that often leave parties feeling uncertain when it comes to decision making.

Why you should avoid a DIY divorce

Divorce can be expensive and overwhelming. It entails preparing mounds of paperwork, fulfilling state requirements and dealing with the very person you no longer want to be with. You may be tempted to go through the process on your own to save time and money.

But does DIY divorce really do that? The truth is, most likely not. The majority of divorces are not simple and require legal assistance for the following reasons.

Political differences may cause divorce in California, elsewhere

Emotional turmoil, growing apart, disagreements and many other issues could result in California residents choosing to dissolve their marriages. The reasons can vary from couple to couple, but common threads do exist that tend to cause marital strife. A recent study showed that political differences have caused a significant number of divorce proceedings.

Apparently, out of married and unmarried relationships, one couple out of 10 called it quits due to differences in opinion when it came to politics. Furthermore, individuals who are considered part of the millennial generation saw a breakup and divorce rate of 22 percent. The director of the research facility that conducted the study stated that the interest in the impacts politics have on relationships came about while exploring trends in conversation topics. 

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