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Family law: California parents may need relocation info

Divorced parents may face certain issues that other individuals may not. Concerns relating to to moving to different areas may seem particularly difficult to confront as custody agreements may need to be considered. If California parents are facing such concerns, they may wish to better understand how family law could assist them during the decision-making process. 

One individual in another state is currently facing such concerns. She claimed that she was planning to remarry and move to a different state in order to be with her fiance and more of her family. However, she has primary custody of her children, and her ex-husband does not want to agree to the move. Additionally, he claimed that the woman's fiance was dangerous for the children. 

What Is "Nesting" Or "Bird's Nest" Custody?

Is nesting, or bird's nest custody, the right option for you? Before you can answer that, you probably need to have a clear understanding of what it entails.

Nesting is a type of custody and post-divorce living arrangement that isn't new but is also not very common. It is steadily rising in popularity as parents continue to find ways to put their children's needs first following life-changing events like divorce.

Property division could be complicated by asset classification

Many individuals may feel as if they have been placed in unfair situations at some point in their lives. Some of those instances could be serious, and individuals could be negatively affected. As a result, they may find themselves wanting to work toward not being taken advantage of no matter what the circumstances. The most common case in which people may find themselves feeling more adamant to reach their goals is during property division and other divorce proceedings.

California residents may be interested in the case of a man who has faced a significant injustice in his life. Reports stated that the man had been convicted of a murder that he did not commit, and as a result, he spent 20 years in prison before he was exonerated. After his released, he pursued multiple lawsuits in hopes of gaining compensation, and he was subsequently awarded a $20 million settlement.

Collaboration may help with California child custody disputes

During and after divorce, many California residents may face hardships when it comes to the various terms to which they have agreed. Child custody agreements often spark disputes and upset among divorced parents, and they may not always be able to resolve their issues on their own. However, there are several legal options for seeking assistance when parties face conflicts. 

During divorce, individuals may want to take steps toward creating an amicable and communicative environment by utilizing collaborative law. A collaborative divorce allows individuals to have legal representation but also avoid litigation. If an individual does wish to pursue litigation, the collaborative process ends and new legal counsel must be obtained. However, this process could help receptive individuals work toward a collaborative agreement in hopes of leaving both sides relatively satisfied.

Cobain ordered to pay spousal support during divorce

During separation proceedings, individuals may seek various terms when it comes to spousal support, property division or other related subjects. The circumstances of a divorce play a considerable role in how certain agreements may be drawn up, and individuals hoping for a certain outcome may wish to find out how to best work toward their goals. In some cases, the court may be required to make render decisions.

California residents may be interested in a divorce case involving Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of late musician Kurt Cobain. Reports stated that Cobain filed for divorce after being married for less than two years. At the time of the report, her estranged husband had been ordered to leave their residence, but it was noted that he is seeking alimony from Cobain.

Former NBA star Glen Rice faces child support issues

Many individuals are tasked with making support payments for their children. Whether these payments were ordered during a divorce or other legal proceedings, child support payments must be made as dictated. However, some individuals who are struggling financially may feel as if their payment obligations are too much. Luckily, there are options for support modifications that may be able to help.

California residents may be interested in such a situation surrounding former NBA player Glen Rice. Reports stated that Rice had been order to pay $1,500 each month in support of a child he fathered. However, Rice reportedly has been struggling financially due to being unable to find employment after his retirement from professional basketball. He has apparently been living off his earnings and odd jobs since retiring over a decade ago. 

Prenups could help California residents with property division

Many people getting ready to walk down the aisle may hope that their relationships stand the test of time. Unfortunately, many who get married find themselves in an unexpected divorce. Therefore, it may be considered prudent for California residents to take certain precautions before tying the knot in order to prepare for potential property division and other proceedings should the relationship end. As such, prenuptial agreements could be useful to consider.

The idea of prenups may cause some individuals to question whether they really need one, but the document could be immensely beneficial. Individuals can create their own terms when it comes to how their property could be divided in the event of a divorce. Additionally, individuals could potentially set terms pertaining to alimony and other possible subjects that may need to be agreed upon.

Planning for financial impacts of divorce may be beneficial

Many California residents try to plan for their financial futures as well as they can. This need to plan may be even more prevalent among older individuals who are approaching retirement. However, there is a chance that unexpected occurrences like divorce might pop up, and some individuals may find themselves looking for ways to protect their finances.

When individuals over the age of 50 end their marriages, it is commonly known as a gray divorce. During these proceedings there is a chance for considerable upheaval when it comes to finances. Therefore, individuals may want to make sure that they have the necessary paperwork in order to protect themselves and their accounts as much as possible. By updating bank accounts and estate plans, individuals may be able to potentially avoid unnecessary complications during the divorce. 

Divorce changes your financial life

Money is often a serious issue when it comes to divorce, and not just as far as splitting up the finances and property goes. What a lot of people do not realize - or are simply unprepared to handle when the time comes - is that when you get a divorce, your entire financial life changes.

If your spouse is the sole breadwinner, you know money will be a topic of serious conversation in a divorce. But we aren't just talking about situations in which only spouse has a salary. Divorce requires financial adjustments even in two-income households.

Child custody terms may impact parenting decisions in California

Many individuals may praise recent cell phone apps like Pokemon Go as helping kids get more exercise due to the interactive nature of the games. However, these apps may also lead to children spending a considerable amount of time staring at a screen, and some parents may find that unhealthy. In such situations, some California parents may be able to simply enforce a time restraint on the game, but child custody arrangements may come into play for divorced parents.

If one parent believes that spending too much time with technology could negatively impact children, he or she may want his or her own children to play less. However, the other parent may not see anything wrong with extended time spent with the game. As a first step, the parents may wish to discuss their feelings regarding such activities in hopes of reaching an agreement on their own on how to enforce certain rules. 

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