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Prenups could help California residents with property division

Many people getting ready to walk down the aisle may hope that their relationships stand the test of time. Unfortunately, many who get married find themselves in an unexpected divorce. Therefore, it may be considered prudent for California residents to take certain precautions before tying the knot in order to prepare for potential property division and other proceedings should the relationship end. As such, prenuptial agreements could be useful to consider.

The idea of prenups may cause some individuals to question whether they really need one, but the document could be immensely beneficial. Individuals can create their own terms when it comes to how their property could be divided in the event of a divorce. Additionally, individuals could potentially set terms pertaining to alimony and other possible subjects that may need to be agreed upon.

Planning for financial impacts of divorce may be beneficial

Many California residents try to plan for their financial futures as well as they can. This need to plan may be even more prevalent among older individuals who are approaching retirement. However, there is a chance that unexpected occurrences like divorce might pop up, and some individuals may find themselves looking for ways to protect their finances.

When individuals over the age of 50 end their marriages, it is commonly known as a gray divorce. During these proceedings there is a chance for considerable upheaval when it comes to finances. Therefore, individuals may want to make sure that they have the necessary paperwork in order to protect themselves and their accounts as much as possible. By updating bank accounts and estate plans, individuals may be able to potentially avoid unnecessary complications during the divorce. 

Divorce changes your financial life

Money is often a serious issue when it comes to divorce, and not just as far as splitting up the finances and property goes. What a lot of people do not realize - or are simply unprepared to handle when the time comes - is that when you get a divorce, your entire financial life changes.

If your spouse is the sole breadwinner, you know money will be a topic of serious conversation in a divorce. But we aren't just talking about situations in which only spouse has a salary. Divorce requires financial adjustments even in two-income households.

Child custody terms may impact parenting decisions in California

Many individuals may praise recent cell phone apps like Pokemon Go as helping kids get more exercise due to the interactive nature of the games. However, these apps may also lead to children spending a considerable amount of time staring at a screen, and some parents may find that unhealthy. In such situations, some California parents may be able to simply enforce a time restraint on the game, but child custody arrangements may come into play for divorced parents.

If one parent believes that spending too much time with technology could negatively impact children, he or she may want his or her own children to play less. However, the other parent may not see anything wrong with extended time spent with the game. As a first step, the parents may wish to discuss their feelings regarding such activities in hopes of reaching an agreement on their own on how to enforce certain rules. 

Divorce months may affect California residents

During the month of August, many California residents may have found themselves contemplating whether to end their marriages. If this is the case, those individuals are not alone as a recent study indicated that March and August see the highest spikes for divorce filings during the year. There are various reasons behind why each month may see such an uptick.

At the end of the year, many families want to spend the holiday season together. As a result, unhappily married individuals may be more willing to put their differences aside in hopes of having enjoyable family time. Similarly, individuals may be more reluctant to divorce right after the new year because they have hopes that with the new year will come changes to their relationships. Of course, if these changes do not come about in the first few months of the year, the desire to proceed with divorce may hit right around March.

Divorce and separation can change your IRS obligations

All married couples have arguments. Unfortunately, when these disagreements become the norm and not the exception to an otherwise mutually beneficial relationship, it may be time to take different paths.

Divorce is a life-changing series of events that doesn't happen in a vacuum. Separating your life from someone you thought would be a partner for life affects everything. The lives of children change, finances are vastly altered and come Tax Day, the way you deal with the IRS may be quite different as well.

Gray divorce may affect finances in California

Regardless of their ages or how long they have been married, some California residents may come to the conclusion that their marriages are not working. When older individuals decide to separate, the process is commonly referred to as a gray divorce. There are many issues that individuals may face during such a process that younger parties may not, and as a result, older couples may wish to prepare for the subsequent financial impacts. 

Many married individuals may have become accustomed to the way their finances are handled. When these parties go through divorce, their assets and funds will likely be divided in accordance with state laws. As a result, individuals may find themselves facing new single households and discovering that the endeavor may be more expensive than they realized. Therefore, it may be prudent for parties to plan for such expenses ahead of time by separating funds and working on negotiations. 

Child custody concerns are not unusual in California

Many California parents consider their children the most important people in their lives. As a result, when those parents are considering divorce, there may be a multitude of apprehensions and concerns pertaining to potential child custody issues. These concerns may be so significant that parents could consider staying married to save their children from facing any subsequent backlash from divorce. However, staying in a negative relationship may send the wrong message.

In some cases, individuals who remain married out of obligation may end up feeling a myriad of negative emotions that may make themselves known no matter how much those individuals try to hide them. As a result, children could potentially begin to wonder whether they are the cause of the unhappiness. They may feel that they are holding their parents back from choosing the lives that could make them happy, and as a result, the environment could become unhealthy. 

Speedy Barrymore divorce may inspire California residents

Many people may believe that dissolving a marriage has to be a long, drawn-out process. However, some California residents who are going through divorce may be able to approach the process so that it ends relatively quickly. Though this may not always be the case, and even amicable-seeming separations could face conflicts, there is a chance that individuals may be able to have smooth process. 

Actress Drew Barrymore and her ex-husband, Will Kopelman, reportedly had such a process. Reports stated that the former couple were able to finalize their divorce in less than a month. Barrymore had reportedly filed for divorce in July after the pair had been separated for approximately four months. Though the couple have two children and likely considerable assets, their divorce went uncontested. 

Child custody issues could arise in co-parenting situations

There is no doubt that parenting can be a difficult job. Many California residents may have an even more trying time if they have gone through, or are going through, divorce and must deal with child custody issues. Though co-parenting is a more common outcome in many divorce cases, some parents may still face issues when dealing with the arrangement.

In some instances, one parent may be more present in the children's lives. As a result, that parent may have to shoulder more of the parental responsibilities when it comes not only to handling the needs of the children but also of reminding the other parent that he or she has responsibilities too. Parental interaction can play a significant role in the children's lives, and if one parent is not upholding his or her end of the arrangement, children could be negatively affected.

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