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Story writing may reduce stress effects of divorce in California

Many California residents have likely been told to write down their feelings at some point or another. It is a commonly held belief that keeping a diary or journal can help individuals process emotion more fully in order to reduce stress and other issues. Because divorce is a particularly stressful event for many people, some parties may wish to consider how writing can help.

It was recently reported that creating a story from divorce could help lessen the effects of stress on the body. A study was conducted with 109 individuals in which separate groups were given different writing assignments. One group focused solely on their emotions relating to the issue, and a second group created a narrative story from their experience. The task for the third group was described as emotionally neutral. 

Differing divorce methods may offer benefits in California

Whenever dealing with difficult predicaments, many California residents want to handle the issues in the least harmful way possible. Because divorce can have substantial impacts on the lives of those involved, many parties may wish to go through the process with as little conflict and upset as they can. For some, a collaborative approach may be able to offer such outcomes.

Because divorce can seem overwhelming and confusing, having the right information and assistance can make a considerable difference. With collaborative law, divorcing couples work with their legal counsel and various other professionals to complete the dissolution of their marriages. These professionals can offer advice on legal, financial and emotional aspects of the cases that often leave parties feeling uncertain when it comes to decision making.

Why you should avoid a DIY divorce

Divorce can be expensive and overwhelming. It entails preparing mounds of paperwork, fulfilling state requirements and dealing with the very person you no longer want to be with. You may be tempted to go through the process on your own to save time and money.

But does DIY divorce really do that? The truth is, most likely not. The majority of divorces are not simple and require legal assistance for the following reasons.

Political differences may cause divorce in California, elsewhere

Emotional turmoil, growing apart, disagreements and many other issues could result in California residents choosing to dissolve their marriages. The reasons can vary from couple to couple, but common threads do exist that tend to cause marital strife. A recent study showed that political differences have caused a significant number of divorce proceedings.

Apparently, out of married and unmarried relationships, one couple out of 10 called it quits due to differences in opinion when it came to politics. Furthermore, individuals who are considered part of the millennial generation saw a breakup and divorce rate of 22 percent. The director of the research facility that conducted the study stated that the interest in the impacts politics have on relationships came about while exploring trends in conversation topics. 

Accurate information could make a difference during divorce

Many California residents base a number of their life decisions on information and statistics. Because not all information is reliable, some individuals may carry an incorrect notion that causes them to question whether certain actions are right for them. For instance, many individuals continue to believe that half of marriages fail and that divorce is almost inevitable. 

It may be of interest to parties who believe this well-circulated notion that marriages actually have a greater chance of success than failure in many cases. A recent report stated that average couples have nearly a 75 percent chance of remaining married. This information means that successful marriages are in the majority rather than there being a 50/50 toss-up many believe.

3 vital tips for navigating social media amid divorce

Nowadays, social media is a major part of everyday life for many people. If you are among them, you may not think twice before posting pictures, updating your friends about your plans for the evening or otherwise sharing your world, but doing so amid divorce may have unintended consequences.

To avoid having anything you post potentially come back to haunt you during divorce proceedings, consider taking the following actions with regard to your use of social media.

Hostile spouses could have major impact on family law proceedings

When marriages end on less-than-amicable terms, some individuals may feel the hurt from that situation for years to come. As a result, serious effects could stem from more than just the family law proceedings associated with the divorce. In some cases, one party may feel the need to voice his or her unpleasant thoughts with other individuals, which can have a widespread impact. 

California residents may understand that trash-talking exes are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, it can still prove immensely difficult to handle the negative remarks. For instance, one man went through a situation in which his ex-wife deliberately spread lies about him in attempts to destroy his career. Additionally, parents may make disparaging comments to their children about the other parent or a stepparent, which can put children in a difficult position. 

California divorce does not have to mean the end of family

At some point in their lives, many California residents likely found themselves in a relationship that was simply no longer working. If the individuals were married, they likely went through the necessary divorce proceedings to dissolve their marriage. For some parties, this process may result in their never speaking again, but for parents, ending the marriage does not necessarily end their connection.

Though remaining connected to an ex-spouse could be difficult, one out-of-state family are trying to make the best out of the situation. Though the couple's marriage ended in divorce, they had a child while they were still married. As a result, the child's mother believes that she and her ex-husband continue to share an important bond. In hopes of having a positive impact on their 4-year-old son, they continue to have family portraits made together. 

Could divorce cakes help California residents end marriages?

Ending a marriage can create a myriad of emotions for each person such proceedings affect. Some California residents may feel devastated by the turn of events while others may feel as if they are finally free to move forward with their lives as they see fit. The latter view may be becoming more popular as a recent divorce trend has celebratory tones.

According to recent reports, divorce cakes are becoming more popular. Because many parties often utilize cake as a centerpiece for birthdays, baby showers or other celebrations, this new cake movement may indicate that more individuals are viewing divorce as a positive milestone rather than a life-hindering experience. The report also noted that the trend's popularity has grown as one bakery owner indicated that she has an entire section dedicated to such cakes.

Gray Divorce: Protecting yourself from its impact

Now that your children are grown and out of the home, you can finally divorce your spouse. You may think that your separation is going to be an easy and cheaper one because you no longer have the welfare of your kids to worry about. But divorcing your partner when you are older in life comes with its own set of challenges that you may not anticipate. Situations where couples over the age of 50 separate are known as gray divorces. Gray divorces are often challenging to deal with because the consequences of any decisions you make can affect you throughout your retirement years.

Learn about the steps you can take to protect yourself financially to minimize the impact of your gray divorce.

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