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Child custody info may help avoid hasty actions in California

Only being able to spend limited time with their children can have considerable effects on parents. They may feel that their child custody terms are unfair or that changes should be made to allow them more time. Unfortunately, some individuals' distress over their situation may cause them to act rashly and make their situations more complicated. 

California residents may be interested in one situation relating to the custody of a 4-year-old girl. Reports stated that an AMBER Alert was issued after the girl was taken from a bus stop. Luckily, the child was found the next morning and did not suffer any harm. Authorities suspected that the individual who took the child was the young girl's mother, and the child was indeed located with her mother.

Post-nuptial agreements may serve as property division protection

Many California residents may have considered getting a prenuptial agreement before they tied the knot. However, for whatever reason, they may have foregone this option and entered into their marriage without any preparation for possible property division outcomes. Rather than feeling as if they missed an opportunity, though, individuals could consider creating a post-nuptial agreement. 

In a recent report, one couple gave their account of why this type of agreement worked for them. Separate businesses, other premarital property and children from a previous relationship all contributed to their decision to created a post-nuptial agreement. Both individuals felt it would be beneficial as protection for each other rather than thinking it necessary due to marital problems. 

Predicting financial impacts may be useful in California divorce

Finances are often a significant area of anyone's life. However, California residents who are ending their marriages may find themselves needing to pay particular attention to the state of their current and future financial affairs. The decisions made during divorce proceedings can have substantial financial impacts, and individuals may want to work to become more aware of those effects before making certain decisions.

When individuals are leaving a marital relationship, they may wish to take steps to protect their property and assets. Changing passwords on personal financial accounts could prove useful in this endeavor. Additionally, parties may also want to look at their beneficiary designations for retirement and insurance accounts. If a soon-to-be ex is listed, individuals may want to change those designations. 

Unpaid child support may negatively affect California parents

After having children, parents face a multitude of responsibilities that they likely did not have before. Even if parents are no longer together, obligations in the form of child support often result in continued responsibilities. However, some parents may fall behind on support, and such situations can have negative impacts for everyone involved.

California residents may be interested in a child support case currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that authorities are working to locate a man who has accumulated a substantial amount of unpaid support. The missed payments total over $84,000 and are owed with regard to seven children. The children's ages range from 11 to 25 years old. The back payments have accrued over the course of at least 15 years. 

Prenups may be safety net for divorce in California

The idea of creating a prenuptial agreement may cause an uneasy feeling for some California residents. However, rather than thinking of such an agreement as an anchor destined to drag a marriage down to divorce, individuals may wish to consider it a safety net. These days, having a prenup may be more beneficial than ever as parties are marrying later in life, marrying multiple times and bringing their own assets to the relationship. 

Having premarital assets is a significant reason that both men and women may wish to consider creating a prenuptial agreement. In the past, some individuals may have considered such a document necessary only for wealthy men to protect their assets from women only interested in their money. However, more often, women are amassing their own wealth, and it makes sense for both parties to be interested in protecting premarital assets for themselves and their children. 

Ideas for maintaining a relationship with noncustodial children

Whether it is your choice or not, you are among the many parents who do not have custody of their children. Maintaining a relationship with them can be difficult, especially if you are parenting from a distance. However, it is possible, and here are some ideas.

Family law, custody complications could affect California parents

Many stories regarding the adoption of a child are heart warming. However, some adoption cases are not what they seem and could face complications if the biological parents begin to show interest in enforcing their parental rights for the child or children involved. As a result, both the biological and prospective adoptive parents may need information on such a family law proceeding.

A case currently underway in another state may interest California residents. CBS News reported that the child at the center of the dispute is a 3-year-old girl who was adopted by a couple in 2015. Apparently, the couple began fostering the child while she was only 3 weeks old. and later sought to adopt her. The child had been taken from her biological mother's custody due to the woman's drug problems, and in 2013, the woman consented to the young girl's adoption.

California residents may wish to protect assets during divorce

When going through a trying time, one of the main goals many individuals have is to protect themselves. Whether the protection needs to address emotional, physical or monetary concerns, individuals often want to find out their best options for adequately preparing. When it comes to divorce, protection may need to come in different forms, but for many California residents, ensuring that their finances are not decimated may be a primary goal. 

In order to protect finances and assets, individuals likely need to first know what those assets are. Therefore, a prudent step to take would be to inventory the property and determine what separate property each party may claim. Once an individual determines his or her personal assets, it may become clear what additional steps could help protect those assets. 

Home may play significant role in California property division

During divorce, determining what to do with assets is often a main concern. California residents may have understandable worries about what will happen with their homes during property division. One option divorcing parties could go with is agreeing to sell the home and split the proceeds. However, this option may not work for everyone.

A second option to consider for parties who want to keep the home is buying out the other spouse. With this route, an individual provides compensation for the other individual's stake in the home, and that compensation may come as an agreed monetary amount or potentially by way of exchanging other assets for the home. Of course, keeping the home could come with financial impacts to consider, such as keeping up with bills and expenses on a single income. 

New Year's changes may mean divorce for some in California

Many California residents likely consider the first month of the year a time for getting organized and assessing the state of their lives. For some, that may mean considering whether they would like to continue on with their marriages. If individuals are contemplating divorce, they may find themselves looking for information before jumping into the process. 

The feeling that divorce is imminent may strike individuals at this time of year because they have gone through a stressful holiday season. They may want to finish out the holidays as amicably as possible but believe the new year is the time to potentially move on. As a result, many individuals may want to know how long a divorce would take and how much it would cost before moving forward. 

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