Advocacy In Custody Evaluations

Contested child custody cases have risen dramatically in recent decades as courts and legislatures have gained a new perspective on how custody arrangements affect the welfare of minor children. In the past, mothers were typically awarded sole custody of minor children, with fathers having limited visitation rights.

As the concept of shared parenting has gained increasing favor with the courts and the California legislature, the complexity of custody and visitation issues has increased. Rather than a set default position that mothers should get sole custody, courts now carefully examine the roles that parents have played in the lives of their minor children and attempt to issue custody and visitation orders that emphasize the value of having both parents play a major role in the lives of their children.

To assist courts in making these complex decisions, custody evaluators are often asked to provide reports that make recommendations about custody and visitation.

If you are a parent involved in a custody or visitation case, it is critical that you understand that judges place tremendous value on the opinion of custody evaluators.

As such, it is critical that you understand what you must do and what you must avoid doing when you are asked to comply with a custody evaluation.

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If you are involved in a divorce, child custody modification proceeding or other family law matter that affects your custody or visitation rights, it is critical that you retain an experienced family law attorney who is committed to the protection of your rights.

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