Military Divorce | We Can Help You Navigate The Complexities

Divorce can present many difficult and complex legal issues, but those complexities are only compounded for our over 1 million American active duty military personnel and their spouses. If you are navigating the issues presented by a military divorce, it is essential that you obtain legal counsel familiar and experienced with these unique issues.

For help in the North Bay area, including Sonoma County, Mendocino County and Lake County, contact an experienced military divorce lawyer at the Law Offices of James V. Sansone. We are committed to vigorously defending the interests of people who are going through the difficult process of divorce.

Experienced Military Divorce Lawyer

In California there is a six month waiting period for divorce proceedings. Often times the spouses of military personnel believe they must wait for their spouse to be present to begin the process. This may include waiting for a deployment to end or relocation to take place. We can help you begin the process today and assist you through the nuances of military family law issues.

Unique Issues Involved In Military Divorces

In addition to the typical issues involved in a normal divorce, a military divorce presents several unique legal issues that required experienced counsel:

  • Service of Process or Summons- The serving of the petition for divorce may be subject to the Service Member's Civil Relief Act(SCRA)
  • Child Support and Enforcement of Support Order- Child support is handled differently in cases of military personnel.
  • Property Division- Under the Uniformed Service Former Spouse Protection Act(USFSPA) military pensions may be treated differently than other pensions. Unique property and income, such as reenlistment bonuses, may also present issues.

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