Let's face it, quality legal services have a well-earned reputation for being downright expensive. So much so, that many of those who need these services most are turned away, or simply too apprehensive to seek the professional help they require.

James Sansone, sole practitioner of JVS Law, is an experienced attorney with a different breed of business savvy. While many Sonoma County law firms rely on costly advertising campaigns, flashy billboards and phone book covers to drive business, JVS gains the majority of our clientele though referrals from satisfied clients and friends in the community. And while others are spending large sums of money on over-inflated staffing and extravagant office buildings, JVS maintains a modest executive office suite and relationships with a carefully selected team of expert independent contractors, including highly-trained associate attorneys and paralegals. This "lean and mean" low-overhead business model translates to substantial cost savings-the bulk of which are passed along to JVS clientele.

What does this mean for you?

At JVS Law, our clients receive the same level of sophistication and expertise found at the costly large and boutique firms, at hourly rates that are below the Sonoma County median.

We do everything possible to make professional legal representation affordable, by providing competitive rates and flexible payment options.

Integrity means everything at JVS. You can rest assured, knowing you're case is being handled by an aggressive, yet compassionate professional, whose mission is to provide an exceptional level of experience, personal attention and timeliness- without compromise based on compensation.

That's " the JVS Difference", and we invite you to experience it for yourself. Call today for your FREE consultation and quote: 707-623-1875.