Why You Need An Attorney To Deal With CPS

Whether you are currently being investigated by Child Protective Services (CPS), or are engaged in the juvenile dependency judicial process, one thing remains the same — your need for an experienced attorney.

There is a delicate balance between cooperating with CPS and courts while at the same time aggressively protecting your parental rights and your relationship with your child. Facing the system alone, or without an experienced attorney, can be disastrous and cause you to lose your child forever.

Focused On Juvenile Dependency Advocacy

The Law Offices of James V. Sansone is one of the very few legal practices in Sonoma County that places a dedicated focus on CPS and juvenile dependency cases. We offer aggressive representation for those that may not qualify for court appointed counsel and for those that wish to hire private counsel.

Under the direction of attorney James V. Sansone, we can:

  • Help you understand your legal rights and options
  • Negotiate favorable language in the court petition
  • Negotiate terms with county counsel on your behalf
  • Help you understand your responsibilities to complete the case plan
  • Facilitate interaction with CPS and courts regarding highly emotional issues

Protecting You From Damaging Your Own Case

Understandably, when someone threatens to take your children away or questions your ability to parent, it can cause a range of heightened emotions. However, when you are under investigation by CPS, social workers can and will use any form of evidence against you. This includes any angry outbursts or negative interactions you have with agency workers, the police or a judge during the process. And many times, just one outburst can significantly damage your case.

This is one of the many reasons it is essential to have an attorney represent you. When you have a lawyer facilitating communication with CPS, it can help ensure your emotional outbursts are kept in check, and protect you from further damaging your position, without sacrificing your legal rights.

Helping Families Stay Together

Juvenile dependency matters are extremely serious and require skilled legal guidance. Contact our law firm at 707-623-1875 to discuss your best options for a happy ending.