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Keep your kids uninvolved when dealing with a custody battle

The emotions that well up during a divorce can often be overwhelming. Many people look for an outlet anywhere they can find one. Sometimes, that outlet is the minor children from the marriage. For example, if your ex is refusing to pay child support but still demanding visitation, you might feel like the children should know that the other parent is acting like a deadbeat.

However, even if what you say is true, talking poorly about your ex to your children could actually hurt your custody case. Similarly, putting your children in the middle of your fights, arguing in front of them or forcing them to act as messengers can all cause strain for your children that they don't need in addition to the stress of your divorce.

Considering every aspect of divorce prior to entering the process

Certain life events can be difficult to plan for, such as the end of a marriage. However, with nearly half of marriages in California and across the nation resulting in divorce, a similar circumstance may become a reality for many. Those who are facing the possibility of dissolving a marriage may find it helpful to seek guidance on how to prepare for the process.

Dissolving a marriage is a major decision that will impact a person's life in various ways, and as such it may be advisable to take the time to determine if divorce is the best option before deciding on a path. Once the decision is made, a person could find it helpful to begin thinking of what he or she wants for the future. Setting goals can help one gain a better understanding of what is important and assist him or her in preparing for subsequent negotiations.

Car trouble leads to DUI charges for California man

Car trouble can happen to anyone at any moment and can leave a person stranded on the side of the road. Upon encountering such a vehicle, authorities may stop in to check on the driver and offer assistance where necessary. Unfortunately, an incident that took place under similar circumstances in California has left a 23-year-old man facing DUI charges.

The incident reportedly took place on a recent Monday at around 1:30 p.m. when police encountered a vehicle that was parked on the shoulder of a local highway. They claim that the hood of the car was up and that the driver informed them that his vehicle had broken down while he was traveling home. However, authorities also assert that the man was holding an alcoholic beverage in his hand during this period.

Addressing concerns of divorce and retirement in California

For many individuals in California and elsewhere, having a strategy in place for the future is of the utmost importance. However, certain life events can be difficult to plan for, such as the end of a marriage. For individuals who are closing in on retirement age, the concept of going through a divorce late in life can be an intimidating topic, and they may have concerns about how a similar process will affect their futures.

Upon entering retirement, many individuals live the remainder of life on a fixed income. This can make the idea of transitioning from a two-person income to life on one's own somewhat unnerving. Those who own a home may also face difficult decisions concerning how to handle this asset, as a person may find it difficult to keep up with mortgage payments and the costs of maintaining the home following divorce.

Keep your divorce off of social media

You use social media to connect with friends and family members about everything. A job change. A vacation. A new jacket. It doesn't matter. You post everything and really engage on social media, through multiple platforms.

Try to curb this instinct when it comes to divorce. Stay off of social media. Keep it private, at least until it is over.

1 facing DUI charges after losing leg in motorcycle crash

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be a devastating experience that could leave a person with life-altering injuries. While dealing with serious injuries can be challenging enough as is, should authorities believe the accident occurred under suspicious circumstances, a person could also face criminal charges. A 60-year-old man is facing DUI charges after losing his leg during a recent motorcycle accident in California.

The incident is said to have taken place at around 8 p.m. on a recent Wednesday. Law enforcement agents advised that a motorcycle rider had veered off the side of a road and struck a nearby guardrail. According to reports, the impact of the collision severed the man's right leg, and he was rushed to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries soon thereafter.

Age could be a factor when speaking to kids about divorce

The end of a marriage can be a stressful and daunting period for all parties involved. Upon making the decision to divorce, parents in California may wish to speak to their kids about the process and the changes they may experience, but they might be uncertain how to start the conversation. When it comes to breaking the news of divorce, the age of the children could play a significant role in the process.

According to experts, parents may find it helpful to consider the age of their kids when determining how to speak with them about divorce. For younger kids, it may be advisable to keep things simple and explain the situation to them in a manner they can grasp. Children may have difficulty fully understanding the concept of divorce, and taking steps to ensure they aren't forced to reach their own conclusions about the situation is advisable.

DUI: 1 accused of operating electric scooter while impaired

After a night out on the town having drinks with family or friends, many individuals in California may choose to forgo operating a motor vehicle and pursue alternate forms of transportation. However, a person might find it advisable to take care when choosing another method of travel, as operating any manner of vehicle during this time could lead to criminal charges. A 41-year-old man has reportedly received a citation for DUI after allegedly operating an electric scooter while impaired.

According to reports, the incident occurred on a recent Monday after the man rented an electric scooter. Authorities assert that he drove the scooter into the path of another vehicle and caused an accident. He was taken to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries soon thereafter, and he was reportedly given a citation for suspicion of operating the scooter while under the influence of alcohol.

You will typically end up sharing debt in a California divorce

Deciding to seek a divorce is never an easy choice. You may have agonized over it for months before finally talking to an attorney. One common concern that people name when putting off a divorce is how the courts will split up assets and debts. If you don't have a prenuptial agreement on record and can't agree with your ex about how to split your property, the courts will decide for you.

A lot of people understand that property, like your home and retirement account, are subject to division in a divorce. Fewer people understand that debts from both spouses will also generally get split up by the courts. Educating yourself about how California handles debts in a divorce can help you prepare for your financial future.

Bankruptcy: Dealing with high amounts of debt early in life

Dealing with the burdens that can accompany high amounts of debt can be an intimidating experience. For individuals in California that are in the early stages of life, similar issues could have a significant impact on their futures. Knowing how to prevent financial concerns from becoming an issue can be difficult, and those who encounter monetary hardships could benefit from speaking with a bankruptcy attorney for guidance on their available options.

There are a multitude of areas in which someone who is just starting out in life may experience financial hardships. While pursuing a college education could prove beneficial in a variety of ways, the costs of tuition can be extensive, and student loans continue to be a major concern for many individuals. Pursuing other loans, such as those pertaining to the purchase of a new car, may also leave a person facing significant monetary obligations.

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