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You will typically end up sharing debt in a California divorce

Deciding to seek a divorce is never an easy choice. You may have agonized over it for months before finally talking to an attorney. One common concern that people name when putting off a divorce is how the courts will split up assets and debts. If you don't have a prenuptial agreement on record and can't agree with your ex about how to split your property, the courts will decide for you.

A lot of people understand that property, like your home and retirement account, are subject to division in a divorce. Fewer people understand that debts from both spouses will also generally get split up by the courts. Educating yourself about how California handles debts in a divorce can help you prepare for your financial future.

Bankruptcy: Dealing with high amounts of debt early in life

Dealing with the burdens that can accompany high amounts of debt can be an intimidating experience. For individuals in California that are in the early stages of life, similar issues could have a significant impact on their futures. Knowing how to prevent financial concerns from becoming an issue can be difficult, and those who encounter monetary hardships could benefit from speaking with a bankruptcy attorney for guidance on their available options.

There are a multitude of areas in which someone who is just starting out in life may experience financial hardships. While pursuing a college education could prove beneficial in a variety of ways, the costs of tuition can be extensive, and student loans continue to be a major concern for many individuals. Pursuing other loans, such as those pertaining to the purchase of a new car, may also leave a person facing significant monetary obligations.

Preparing for the financial side of divorce in California

Many individuals in California and elsewhere may consider it to be of the utmost importance to maintain financial stability. However, certain life events, such as the end of a marriage, could disrupt this area of life. Those who are facing divorce could benefit from speaking with a family law attorney for guidance on the steps they can take to protect against undesirable consequences and safeguard their financial futures.

When facing the end of a marriage, a person may find it advisable to gain a better understanding of what is at stake. By obtaining documentation of all marital assets and uncovering any potential hidden assets, one could begin to form a strategy on how best to proceed during negotiations. In addition to identifying all marital assets, it may also be advisable to track current incomes and expenses and document any sudden changes or unexpected financial transactions.

Divorce and your house: How to handle property

When you got married, one of the first things you did was decide on housing. You purchased a property you love, and you've put time and money into renovating it. Today, it's worth much more than it was when you bought it, but you don't want to move out to make a profit. It's your home, and you want to stay where you are.

Your spouse wants you to sell the home so that you can both get a portion of the proceeds and move on without ties to one another. But are these your only options? What should you do with your property?

Divorce: Knowing the applicable uses of child support

For many parents in California and elsewhere, providing the kids with the necessary financial support as they grow up may be an essential part of life. However, while those who are going through a divorce may wish to provide for the needs of their kids, they might have some concerns about how their child support payments will be used. By gaining a better understanding of what these payments can cover, one could become better prepared to pursue an acceptable agreement during negotiations.

When it comes to child support payments, one may initially think of income that is intended to provide for the most basic needs of a child. While these payments may help cover the costs of food and clothing, and even shelter, child support can also cover other areas as well, such as educational and medical needs. Another applicable use of child support payments may pertain to transportation and travel costs.

Societal pressure, marriage and divorce

Society celebrates a happy and loving marriage as the ideal way to live life. Two people – and in the modern world it doesn't matter if you're the same-sex or not – coming together to live happily ever after is an archetype that we see again and again in books and movies. Our parents could model it, our friends could model it and – if you're single – it seems that everyone is watching and waiting until the day you say "I do" with your special someone.

The truth is, marriage is a wonderful thing, but if you get married due to pressure from your peers, family members or friends, it very well may end in divorce. It's important to remember that there are many ways to live a happy life and still have a sense for companionship, intimacy, love and affection – and they don't always involve a formally codified legal partnership like marriage.

Divorce: Taking precautions during an extended separation

Making the decision to end a marriage can be a stressful and daunting process. In some cases, a couple in California may feel as though a physical separation could be the best solution, as it may provide them with additional time to reach a conclusion. However, even if one is uncertain if divorce will be the outcome, a person might find it advisable to take steps to protect him or herself during a prolonged separation, as failing to do so could prove detrimental.

During an extended separation, having complete knowledge of marital finances can be a challenging task. However, it could also be essential, as one may still be liable for certain transactions during a separation. In community property states, such as California, all marital debts are divided equally among spouses during divorce proceedings, and this may include any debts that are incurred by either party during a separation.

1 charged with DUI following alleged pursuit in California

Being involved in a routine traffic stop can be a stressful and harrowing experience. However, attempting to evade a traffic stop is never advisable and may only lead law enforcement agents to have increased suspicion of unlawful activity. A 46-year-old man has been arrested and accused of DUI after allegedly leading police on a short pursuit during a recent incident in California.

The incident reportedly began when authorities encountered a driver who was suspected of traveling over the speed limit at around 10:30 p.m. on a recent Tuesday. Police claim that upon attempting to initiate a traffic stop, the driver refused to comply. Although they assert that he continued to move at or below the speed limit during this period, he allegedly refused to stop his vehicle.

Divorce: Helping the kids pursue a college degree

For parents in California or elsewhere, few things may be as important as protecting the future of the kids. While some parents might spend years putting away money to help their children pursue a college education, this can be an expensive endeavor. In addition, a change in circumstances could also disrupt a parent's ability to save, and those who are going through a divorce may wish to know how they can protect their child's opportunities for higher education.

It is no secret that the end of a marriage could have a significant impact on a person's finances. Transitioning into two separate households may inherently lead to an increase in monetary obligations. However, while this might prompt a need to re-evaluate plans concerning college, it doesn't necessarily mean that helping a child pursue a college education is out of the question.

Family law: Addressing summer breaks during negotiations

After making the decision to end a marriage, parents in California may consider it essential to provide the kids with a certain level of stability. During child custody negotiations, parents may seek to reach a schedule that accounts for the everyday needs of the kids. However, since their needs may be subject to change at times, a parent could find it helpful to speak with a family law attorney for advice on how to handle scenarios such as summer vacations.

While school is still in session, parents may have a scheduled routine that covers the daily requirements such as transportation and living arrangements. However, once summer comes around, children may have more free time on their hands, and their scheduling needs could change substantially. To reduce the likelihood of disagreements and conflict, parents may find it beneficial to address these scenarios while forming the initial parenting plan.

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