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Adjust your social media use to protect yourself in a divorce

These days, people use social media as a primary means of communicating with friends, family and the world in general. However, you need to carefully consider how you're using social media when going through a divorce. Making the wrong decision or posting the wrong thing to Facebook or Twitter could end up impacting your divorce, from asset division to child custody.

You can turn to social media to gather evidence of your spouse's behavior, but remember that he or she can do the same thing. Take a moment to clean up older posts that may be questionable by deleting them or turning them private, so only you can view them. Also, be very careful about what you share. Anything you put online can, and very well may, end up used against you in family court.

Taking the necessary financial measures following divorce

For individuals in California who are going through the end of a marriage, one of their major concerns may lie in the uncertainty of what happens after the process is finalized. While divorce can be stressful enough in its own right, a person may still need to take certain financial measures even after obtaining a divorce decree. With little experience in the area, one could find it advisable to seek guidance on areas he or she may need to address.

Following a divorce, it is generally advisable for a person to keep a close watch on his or her credit and close all joint accounts. Should any marital debts remain on these accounts, one could still be held liable by creditors even if the other party agrees to take responsibility for them during legal proceedings. Keeping track of debts to ensure that payments are made could help one avoid a potential disaster.

Factors to consider when creating a parenting plan during divorce

Dissolving a marriage can be a difficult decision that will inevitably bring about change in the lives of everyone involved. For parents in California who choose to divorce, many may wonder how these changes will affect their kids. Although parents may experience some level of uncertainty during this period, there might be certain aspects to consider that could prove essential to creating an acceptable parenting plan.

Perhaps one of the first areas to consider in child custody is the scheduling needs of everyone involved. The work schedules of the parents and the school and extracurricular activities for the kids can play a vital role in the process. These schedules may also be subject to change over time, and addressing how to handle any future changes could help cut down on the chances of conflict in the future.

Accident leads to DUI charges for California man

The aftermath of a serious motor vehicle accident has the potential to leave a person somewhat shaken up and disoriented. While this might be a normal reaction to such an incident, in some cases, one's behavior could lead authorities to suspect the presence of impairment. A 70-year-old man has been arrested and accused of DUI after authorities claim he began to show signs of intoxication following a recent collision in California.

According to reports, the accident occurred at around 8:45 p.m. on a recent Friday. Authorities state the man was traveling south in his truck when he suddenly collided with a parked car. The force of the initial impact reportedly forced the car into a lane of traffic and caused his truck to turn over onto its side. Upon responding to the scene, emergency officials assert the man was trapped inside his vehicle and they were forced to extract him.

4 ways you can protect your finances in a divorce

If things have not been going well in your marriage lately, you might be considering divorce. However, you might be worried about what comes after, where you will live and how you will support yourself. If your husband has been the main breadwinner, your future financial situation might be your biggest concern. This is actually a common fear of many women who face the possibility of divorce.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to financially prepare for divorce. The following tips will help you protect your financial future.

Uncovering hidden assets prior to divorce proceedings

Many individuals in California and elsewhere place a great deal of importance on maintaining a healthy financial future. For those facing divorce, there may be some concern as to how the outcome will affect this area of life, and what they can to to protect it. Prior to entering divorce proceedings, a person might find it essential to identify all marital assets and ensure that none remain hidden throughout the process.

In community property states, such as California, marital assets are intended to be divided equally between both parties. However, if an asset remains unnoticed, it might not be included in the process, which could prove devastating. While identifying assets prior to divorce, it may be advisable to check for any inconsistencies or sudden transfers in joint accounts, as these could be an indication the other party is attempting to hide assets.

3 Ways to remain financially stable after divorce

Divorce is not just tough on your emotions; it can seriously impact your finances too. It is vital to understand the costs of divorcing before you reach a settlement with your former spouse so that you can continue to have stable finances after your marriage.

While you may be caught up in the current concerns of divorce, you should take some time to prepare for life after divorce. Read below for some important ways to restructure your finances and achieve your goals after your divorce.

Who keeps the house in a high asset California divorce?

There are many uncertainties involved with a divorce. Unless you have a prenuptial agreement on record defining the division of assets or spousal support, it can be hard to know what to expect. In general, the higher the overall value of your assets, the more likely you are to experience a contentious and difficult divorce.

After all, chances are good that you and your spouse don't agree on how to divide your belongings. One of the biggest points of contention in many divorces is ownership of the marital home. The asset division process can become quite complicated when spouses don't agree on terms. Given that homes are often the biggest investment people make throughout their lives, it's no wonder that both of you want to keep your interest in the home.

Seeing to the needs of a child during divorce in California

When parents in California and elsewhere decide to move in separate directions, they may do so with the belief that it is the correct path for everyone involved. However, their kids could feel as though they have no say in the matter, and they might have trouble accepting the situation. Since similar issues can be harmful for a child, parents who are going through a divorce may seek to protect their kids by finding ways to help them throughout this difficult period.

Perhaps one of the most troubling aspects of divorce for kids lies in their understanding of the situation. While parents may wish to avoid going into detail, speaking to the kids about divorce and explaining things to them in a manner they can grasp could help ease some of their concerns. When their parents are splitting up, kids may also feel the need to take some of the blame, and letting them know they are not at fault and are still loved during this period could also prove vital.

Criminal defense: 1 charged with felony DUI in California

A car accident can take place in the blink of an eye, and leave those involved shaken up and uncertain of what just occurred. While a similar situation can be challenging enough in its own right, if additional charges are included, a person may feel somewhat overwhelmed by the criminal defense process. A woman from another state has recently been arrested and accused of drunk driving in California after allegedly striking a police motorcycle from behind and injuring an officer.

According to reports, the officer had parked his motorcycle on the side of the road to assist with an unrelated collision just after 6 p.m. on a recent Monday. While helping those involved, authorities claim that another driver failed to notice the emergency lights and struck the motorcycle, causing it to hit the officer and another vehicle. The officer reportedly suffered serious injuries in the process, and was scheduled to undergo surgery the next day.

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