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Why recordkeeping is so important when spousal support is awarded

When two spouses decide that it is time to file for divorce, there will be so many issues that have to be handled. Depending on the couple and the divorce, certain issues will rise to the top. Some couples will have children, and thus child custody and support will be two of the most important issues. Some couples won't have children, and instead will have a lot of assets, thus making property division one of the most important issues in their divorce.

But all divorces could have one issue involved that carries a lot of weight, even though it may not be universally recognized as one of the most important issues in family law: spousal support.

Who keeps the house in a high asset California divorce?

There are so many uncertainties involved with a divorce. Unless you have a prenuptial agreement on record defining the division of assets or spousal support, it can be hard to know what to expect. In general, the higher the overall value of your assets, the more likely you are to experience a contentious and difficult divorce.

After all, chances are good that you and your spouse don't agree on how to divide your belongings. One of the biggest points of contention in many divorces is ownership of the marital home. The asset division process can become quite complicated when spouses don't agree on terms. Given that homes are often the biggest investment people make throughout their lives, it's no wonder that both of you want to keep your interest in the home.

What You Think You Know About Divorce Can Hurt You

A lot of talk is spread around about divorce. Most people only pay half attention to what is said until they find themselves staring at divorce.

Unfortunately, much of what people think is true about divorce simply isn’t. Many people’s impression of divorce comes from friends or family that have been through the process. Every divorce is different, however, so determining what applies to your divorce based on what someone else experienced is not a good way to go about it.

Technology increases spying in divorce

Until recently, a bitter divorce involved heated custody battles, lurid accusations (proven or unproven) and vicious fights over how to divide marital property – or even whether an asset qualified as marital property.

Those things still exist, but there is a new wrinkle to divorces between two spouses who don’t like each other much: technology. According to a recent report on National Public Radio, digital spying is increasingly being used by one spouse to get the goods on another.

Communication is crucial when it comes to child custody

One of the first things a divorcing couple begins thinking about is child custody. By law, the judge will grant custody according to what is best for the child.

No matter how the courts decide the matter, parents should be prepared to communicate with each other about issues that affect their child, including significant events or emergencies that come up.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris file divorce, claim mutual respect

Celebrity divorces in California are always interesting, at least for those who admit to being inveterate star-gazers. Usually, there are at least one or two general principles of family law to be gleaned from a celebrity divorce. Recently, the most reported breakup is that of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris.

Pratt is the star of "Guardians of the Galaxy" and Faris headlines "Mom," a weekly network sitcom. The couple, who have been married for eight years, announced their divorce filing on Dec. 1. Pratt filed the divorce documents in which he alleged irreconcilable differences. He requested joint child custody of the couple's 5-year-old son.

Some steps to take after a divorce settlement has been achieved

In California there are some financial advisors who are trained and specialize in assisting women after a divorce. Some women may appreciate and benefit from that kind of specialized assistance. Some of the things that must be looked after in the aftermath of a divorce are pretty obvious, while others may not come to mind that readily. And, just to be clear, there is no reason why some men will not choose to seek out similar expert assistance.

An advisor can assist the post-divorce client with making a new budget going forward. This may include setting up automatic mechanisms for the payment of important bills and a program to improve one's credit rating. The advisor will assist in making investments and constructing an investment strategy for the future and, in particular, for retirement.

Child custody and visitation thrive on cool-headed cooperation

During the immediate aftermath of a marital separation, some California parents may encounter problems regarding child custody and visitation. This period often represents a gap where no rules have been yet established. Without a court order on child custody and visitation, actions by a parent cannot be effectively curtailed or stopped. Trying to erase and reverse rash actions by one parent regarding custody or visitation issues can be nearly impossible in that early period.

That is one reason why consulting with one's family law attorney prior to the separation can be a substantial benefit to the perspicacious parent who thinks to do it. It is often possible to head off various types of crises by filing custody and visitation papers that are timed at or about the time of the intended separation. A court order setting a date for a hearing pretty much protects both parents from rash behavior by either one.

Avoid 3 emotional pitfalls on social media during your divorce

Everyone makes mistakes. It is a fact of life, but in some situations, social media seems to make them worse.

This can be the case in divorce, when someone who is splitting up uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like for reasons that hinder emotional well-being. Here is a look at common blunders you should avoid.

Celebrity child custody dispute is ended by Court Order

Child custody cases in California and elsewhere are challenging matters for the family law attorney. Such cases in the state reflect a wide variety of facts and circumstances. Child custody disputes between celebrity parents are possibly more prevalent in this state than anywhere else.

Celebrity parents usually run into the same typical legal issues that come up in most custody cases. A recent dispute may illustrate the point. The court battle between Tyrese Gibson, a cast member of the "Fast and Furious" movie franchise, and his ex-wife Norma Mitchell over custody of their minor daughter was recently ended by order of the presiding judge. The court dismissed a restraining order against Gibson and ordered a resumption of the parents' prior 50-50 custody arrangement.

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