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1 accused of drunk driving in accident that injured pedestrian

Pedestrian-related collisions can have devastating consequences, and being involved in such an accident can be a daunting experience. Those who hit and cause injuries to a pedestrian may carry the experience with them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, a recent collision involving similar circumstances has left a 48-year-old man facing drunk driving charges in California.

Law enforcement agents claim the accident took place as the man lost control of his vehicle upon approaching a curve in the road at a high rate of speed. They say that as he attempted to navigate the curve, his car began to slide and proceeded to strike a nearby pedestrian soon thereafter. The pedestrian reportedly suffered injuries in the process and was admitted to a nearby medical facility for treatment.

Divorce: Wealthy couples at greater risk of arguing over finances

When it comes to issues within a relationship, disagreements can arise over a variety of topics. However, finances continue to be one of the most common areas of conflict for married couples in California, especially the wealthy. Recent studies indicate that financial disputes among couples with considerable wealth may have a higher chance of leaving one or both parties considering divorce.

In some cases, encountering a difference of opinion in a relationship could be harmless. However, when it comes to finances, these differences could lead to intense arguments and increased levels of conflict that can be harmful to a relationship. These disputes can stem from a variety of circumstances, such as varying levels of income within the relationship or arguments over how to handle marital finances.

How debts impact asset division in California divorces

The eventual outcome of your divorce will depend on many factors, including the number of assets you acquired during marriage, as well as the amount of debt you incurred. Unless you have a prenuptial agreement in place, you will either have to come to terms with your spouse or rely on the courts to handle the process of splitting up your assets and debts.

The greater the overall income and assets in your family, the greater the potential for significant debts. When you have higher income and more assets to use as collateral, it is possible to take on substantial amounts of debt.

Spousal support can be one of the toughest topics of divorce

There are a variety of aspects involved in the process of ending a marriage. While the division of property and child custody can be two of the most vital topics to address, individuals who are going through a divorce in California may also find it helpful to consider the possible presence of spousal support. Since negotiations pertaining to alimony can be highly contested matters, knowing the factors to address concerning this aspect of divorce could be vital.

When it comes to spousal support, the length of the marriage may play a significant role in the determination process. How long the marriage lasted could have a substantial impact on the duration and amount of alimony payments. Another topic that may influence the outcome of the process pertains to the income of both parties, and whether one party left the work force to be a stay-at-home spouse or parent.

New bill will provide pets with additional privileges in divorce

When it comes to pets, many couples may consider their dogs or cats as members of the family. Should a couple make the decision to divorce, reaching a decision on who gets custody of the family pet can be a highly-debatable matter. A new law in California that will take effect at the beginning of next year will reportedly give the court the authority to make decisions concerning the custody of pets based on a variety of factors.

Under current law in California, pets are treated as property and the custody of the family pet is generally awarded to the party who purchased the pet. If both parties own the pet, and they cannot reach an agreement concerning custody, a couple may in some cases be forced to give the pet over to the custody of a local shelter. Some couples may even choose to address similar circumstances prior to marriage by signing an agreement concerning what will happen should they ever decide to part ways.

Addressing child-related expenses during divorce in California

Upon making the decision to end a marriage, it might not be uncommon for parents in California to have concerns about how the process will impact their kids. Following a divorce, parents may wish to continue to provide their children with the necessary financial support, but agreeing on how they will achieve this goal can be challenging. However, by gaining a better understanding of the expenses that might be necessary to the growth of their kids, parents may be more capable of reaching an acceptable arrangement during negotiations.

One of the first steps to reaching an agreement to provide for the financial needs of the children is to identify all possible future expenses. Making a list of future expenses such as those pertaining to education and extracurricular activities could prove vital to forming a strategy for negotiations. Other expenses to consider could include possible future purchases such as a cellular phone or car, or even a computer for school.

3 choices for the family home in a divorce

Marriage is extremely difficult and no matter how hard you fight for it, it could be a losing battle and divorce might be your best option. However, ending a marriage comes with its own set of complications. For example, it is often an extremely emotional and stressful time during which you will have to make decisions that will affect the rest of your life. You probably already know that you will have to make choices concerning custody and visitation for your children as well as which assets you should fight for during the settlement process.

One of the most common assets that a divorcing couple argues over is the house. And, if like most homeowners, the house is one of you most valuable assets, it is vital to make a decision that ensures you get your fair share. Here are a few options for what to do with the house in a divorce.

Shared custody is the standard in most California divorces

Your kids are likely one of the most important things in your life. Much of what you do every day revolves around the needs of your kids and how you plan to provide for them. Divorce is often a difficult time for children, and as a loving parent, you probably already know that.

In fact, you may have decided to take steps to minimize how much stress the divorce causes your children. Some parents even put off divorce for quite some time in the hope of protecting their children from the traumatic experience of watching their parents split up.

1 accused of drunk driving following fatal collision

Being involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident can be a stressful and daunting process. Those who survive such an incident might experience severe emotional trauma in the process and they may carry the experience with them throughout life. Unfortunately, a recent fatal accident that is said to have occurred in California has left a 35-year-old man accused of drunk driving.

Law enforcement agents reportedly responded to the scene of the accident on a recent Friday evening. According to initial investigations, the incident took place when the driver of a northbound car suddenly crossed the median and struck a nearby truck head-on. The driver of the truck reportedly died at the scene of the accident, and the driver of the car was airlifted to a medical facility for treatment of severe injuries.

Bankruptcy: Carrying debt throughout life can be stressful

There are many individuals in California and across the nation who have encountered times of financial hardship that left them facing substantial amounts of debt. For many, issues with debt remain an ongoing concern, and some may feel as though they will remain financially unstable until the day they pass on. Dealing with similar concerns can be a harrowing process that may leave those who struggle under significant monetary obligations in search of relief through bankruptcy.

According to a recent study, nearly 10 percent of Americans surveyed admitted that they fear they will carry their debts throughout life. While this can seem alarming enough on its own, studies indicate that as many as 70 percent of those who carry similar obligations remain in debt until the day they die. The average amount of debt each person carries reportedly reaches amounts in excess of $60,000.

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