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December 2010 Archives

MADD Would Like to See Random Breath Tests for Drivers

police-state-by-tshansen.jpgAccording to Terry Davidson of the Toronto Sun, if Mothers Against Drunk Driving CEO Andrew Murie has his way, drivers across Canada could be forced to take a breathalyzer test anywhere, anytime - whether police suspect drunk driving or not. This new policy would replace Canada's current, 40-year-old way of doing things, where police can demand a breath test only if they have reason to suspect a driver is too drunk to drive. I for one believe, as Nathalie Des Rosiers of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association does, this new policy would be a slippery slope for a free and democratic country such as Canada and the United States. DUI attorney Lawrence Taylor is correct when he warned that MADD USA will soon push to make random stops and breath tests their next legislative goal. This is a logical progression in the long series of drunk driving laws and court decisions which have steadily eroded our Constitutional rights. Where does it end? I, like the majority of Americans, recognize that the number of drunk drivers must be minimized, but at what cost? Remember, there is a very delicate balance between freedom and security. You can't have an increase in one without a decrease in the other. At what cost to our personal freedom are people willing to accept to gain some sense of artificial security? I for one value security but at no time do I ever want to live in a police state. As Thomas Paine once wrote: "It is the responsibility of the patriot to protect his country from its government." While government does exist to protect us from each other, government has gone beyond its limits when it decides to protect us from ourselves. 

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