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Domestic Violence Dominates Sports Headlines

goodell-thumb-275x154-88702-thumb-250x140-88704.jpgAs of this writing, the San Francisco Giants, a wild card pick, just trounced the Washington Nationals in the Division Series. The Giants, who tend to perform well in post-season games, are off to play the San Louis Cardinals.

Sports, it seems, is always in the air.

Unfortunately, the sports channels have been covering more than just runs batted in, home runs, strikes, errors and balls.

There's a new statistic being tabulated: The number of times major league athletes are arrested for domestic violence.

Take the case of Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens. The Atlantic City Police Department claims he struck his fiancée, caused her to lose consciousness, and dragged her body out of the elevator where they argued.

Then there's Adrian Peterson, one of the league's biggest stars and the 2012 NFL MVP. Police arrested him for reckless or negligent injury to a child following a grand jury investigation.

That case involved Peterson's decision to use a tree branch to spank his child, a discipline measure his parents had used on him. His case proceeds to trial on December 1 of this year. In that case, the National Football League banned Peterson from playing pending closure of his case.

In September of this year, Anheuser-Busch issued a public statement expressing its concern about the manner in which the NFL has handled recent domestic violence controversies.

Perhaps the company's concern and outrage expressed by organizations serving domestic violence victims or advocating stronger policies to protect women, caused NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to strengthen his league's stand on these issues.

NFL Players Have a History Violating the Law

The number of NFL players arrested is lengthy and their offenses include trespassing, possession of marijuana or other substances, public intoxication, assault, DUI, resisting arrest, domestic violence, battery and even attempted murder.

Their most common offenses tend to be drug related, but the most horrific involve the abuse of the women and children in their lives.

NBA Also Has Problems

Last month, Charlotte Hornets play Jeffery Matthew Taylor was charged with one count of domestic assault, one count of assault and one count of malicious destruction of property. His case goes to trial on October 14.

Resources for Domestic Violence Victims

If you need help, consider taking the following steps:

  • Call the police and tell them everything that happened.
  • If the abuser damaged property, make sure the police see it.
  • Obtain the officer's name, badge number and the report number so that you can later receive a copy of the report.
  • If you've been injured, seek medical attention.
  • Contact supportive friends and family.
  • Call your local hotline and relocate to a shelter where you and your children will be safe

If you have additional questions, check my website for further resources or contact a licensed, family law attorney. 

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