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So You Think Your Ex Is a Bum? Careful Who You Tell

https://jamessansone4.firmsitepreview.com/blog/images/S_2-thumb-300x429-97285.jpgDo you think of your ex-spouse as a bum, loser, or jerk? Well, it's best to keep those thoughts to yourself or express them only to your closest confidants.

Take the case of Diane Wagner. The court ordered her to pay alimony to her ex-husband, Francis Wagner. She wasn't happy about the situation or pleased with him, so when she wrote her alimony checks every week, she added notations in the memo section of her checks.

Her messages included the following accusations:

  • Alimony for the man!
  • Adult child support
  • FOAD (this is an acronym for a crude remark)

Ex-Husband Feels Harrassed and Sues

Tired of reading the malicious remarks, Diane's ex-husband contacted his lawyer's firm. Francis claimed he suffered emotional distress that exacerbated his health problems.

Diane's first realization about the potential lawsuit came while spending time on Facebook. She read a Facebook status update by her ex-husband's law firm and was surprised to find a copy of one of her checks with the nasty message in full view. (The law firm obscured the Wagner's last name with a black Sharpie pen.)

Before suing Diane, the ex-husband's law firm sent her a letter requesting that she stop writing the disparaging notations on the checks. She refused, and that's when she wrote FOAD on the next check.

Guns and Divorce: A Deadly Mix

Despite how you feel about the use and availability of firearms in this country, so much acrimony can occur between ex-spouses - as the above case demonstrates - that sometimes it's probably best if divorcing couples don't own guns.

In September 1989, the ex-husband of a client he represented in a divorce case shot attorney Chris Andrian of Sonoma County, California. The ex-husband, Scott Pommier, had sought several times to reduce his alimony and child support obligations, to no avail.

Scott Pommier first shot his ex-wife with a rifle, severely wounding her. Then he opened fire on Andrian's car, hitting him in the arm as he lifted it to protect his head.

Lee Ann Pommier was shot in the head, arm, and stomach. She eventually underwent 36 surgeries. Andrian lost most of his upper left arm but with physical therapy regained the use of his hand.

Afterward, Andrian switched from divorce law to criminal defense law.

A similar case occurred in Georgia in 2014. Tranard McConnell shot his wife, April Ross, two days after she filed for divorce.

Apparently, the husband purchased guns and ammunition shortly before shooting her. (Tranard later took his life.)

Ross is pushing a bill among state legislators that would bar spouses from purchasing weapons while the divorce is active. If the bill is successful in the legislature, anyone going through a divorce would need permission from a judge before purchasing firearms and ammunition.

The gun rights organization Georgia Carry is opposing the bill.

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