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May 2016 Archives

Property division proceedings may interest California residents

When individuals divorce, they may wonder how their assets will be divided. Because property division laws can vary from state to state, California residents may wish to understand proceedings for their specific area. This state is known as a community property state, and marital assets are often split as equally as possible between the two parties going through the divorce. Other property is known as separate property.

Helping your children through your divorce

Divorce can be an extremely difficult time in anyone's life. Especially, for children whose parents are going through a divorce. There may be confusion, sadness and sometimes, even guilt. If you are considering divorce and have children, many people might give you advice for how to help your children make it through your divorce with as little "emotional baggage" as possible.

Child custody violations could impact agreements in California

After a divorce, many California parents may struggle with the arrangements made for their children's custody. However, child custody terms are legally binding and must be adhered to unless extenuating circumstances arise. As a result, individuals could face serious consequences if custody terms are violated, and parents may wish to consider modifications to their custody agreements.

Are there rules in divorce?

Just as in the stock market, football, chess, your workplace and pretty much every other place or organized activity, yes, there are rules for the divorce process.

I Want The House I Can't Afford - And Other Property Mistakes

When a marriage ends, there are many details to hammer out, and a large portion of them has to do with dividing property and other assets. Since the process of divorce not always described as pleasant, it only makes sense that many people want the process to be over as soon as possible. Like most things, when you rush the process too much, you might make mistakes or decisions regarding property division that are not in your best interest.

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