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Are there rules in divorce?

Just as in the stock market, football, chess, your workplace and pretty much every other place or organized activity, yes, there are rules for the divorce process.

In fact, as soon as you or your spouse files for divorce in Sonoma County, there are orders issued by the court to stop the two of you from engaging in certain activities.

Temporary restraining orders are put into action automatically as soon as the divorce process commences. The State Bar of California cites some examples of these automatic orders, including one of the most important: an order barring you and your spouse from taking your minor children out of California without the written permission of the other spouse (or with a court order).

It should be noted that this does not apply to children who already live out of state when the divorce process begins.

The State Bar also says that "in most instances" you will not be allowed to transfer property (or borrow against it) or change beneficiaries on insurance policies (life, health, automobile and disability policies). In order to do any of those things, you would have to have the written permission of the other party, or permission granted by the court.

There are also restraints on your spending (don't spend out-of-the-ordinary amounts without permission from either the court or your spouse). A judge 

An experienced divorce attorney can help you understand all court orders, as well as to help you understand the many aspects of the process that will be under your control.

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