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California child support negotiations may go beyond dollar amount

Many divorced California parents are concerned with child support, whether they are the ones paying or receiving. Some parents may worry that the payments will not be made and that they will have to face struggles when it comes to providing for their children. Other parents may wonder whether the payments are actually being used to the benefit of the children at all. For the latter cases, parents may wish to determine whether they could add some stipulations to their child support agreements.

Because the payment amount is often the point of conflict and is typically determined by state guidelines, many individuals may not consider negotiating support terms beyond how much will be paid. As a result, they may send off their monthly payments wondering whether the money is being used for food and school supplies or whether it is going to the custodial parents' personal wants. However, individuals may have more options that originally believed.

If individuals feel that they could negotiate successfully, they may want to discuss potential uses for the child support. Even if there is no plan laid out for every dollar, there may be general uses that could be useful. Some parents may agree to setting aside a portion of the support for the children's college funds or other similar accounts for the future. If such agreements are made, they may be put into the settlement to ensure it is followed.

Having such terms as part of legal documents could help parents feel more at ease about their child support situations. If individuals are interested in the possibility of making such arrangements, they may want to find out more information on how negotiations may take place. Discussing concerns and interests with an experienced California family law attorney could help those facing these issues find the best options for them.

Source: The Huffington Post, "A Quick Child Support Tip", Al Corona, June 7, 2016

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