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Child custody can profoundly impact California kids and parents

Many California parents know that children handle significant changes in different ways. When one of those changes is their parents' divorce, it is not unlikely for children to experience a myriad of emotions about the circumstances. As a result, parents may want to remember to be especially sensitive toward their children's feelings during divorce and child custody proceedings.

In many ways, children may consider and experience divorce as a loss. They may find themselves denying the situation by believing that their parents will work through their issues in order to remain married. It is understandable for them to feel overwhelmed and hope that this major disruption of their lives is not happening, and as a result, parents may wish to be open to communicate about the reality of the situation.

Additionally, children may feel angry about the end of their parents' marriage. Divorce can be a tremendous upheaval for children, especially when they end up seeing one parent more often than the other and find themselves living in two different homes. Therefore, it is not unlikely for children to act out or feel resentful. If parents find themselves also facing conflict due to custody issues, they may want to be cautious about how they express their frustration around the children.

Child custody issues could affect parents and children profoundly, and as a result, parents may want to move through the process as painlessly as possible. If California residents are concerned with such proceedings, they may wish to find out information on how to work through issues as proficiently as possible. If they wish, discussing such aspects with an experienced family law attorney could be useful.

Source: The Huffington Post, "How A Divorce Is Like a Loss for Children: The 5 Stages", Ashley Tate Cooper, June 7, 2016

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