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Child custody concerns are not unusual in California

Many California parents consider their children the most important people in their lives. As a result, when those parents are considering divorce, there may be a multitude of apprehensions and concerns pertaining to potential child custody issues. These concerns may be so significant that parents could consider staying married to save their children from facing any subsequent backlash from divorce. However, staying in a negative relationship may send the wrong message.

In some cases, individuals who remain married out of obligation may end up feeling a myriad of negative emotions that may make themselves known no matter how much those individuals try to hide them. As a result, children could potentially begin to wonder whether they are the cause of the unhappiness. They may feel that they are holding their parents back from choosing the lives that could make them happy, and as a result, the environment could become unhealthy. 

Additionally, if parents remain married because they are worried about custody outcomes, it is important for individuals to know that there are a variety of custody options. Parents who get along amicably and face no serious parental issues may be able to co-parent or take part in other forms of joint custody. If there are issues, primary custody, legal custody and/or physical custody could come into play. Regardless, individuals could likely find an outcome that works best for their circumstances.

Deciding to divorce can be a major step whether children are involved or not. However, parents may face an additional set of worries because of their children. Therefore, California parents who are potentially moving forward with divorce may wish to find out more information on their child custody options.

Source: newsok.com, "Should you stay together for the kids?", David Snell, Aug. 15, 2016

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