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Divorce months may affect California residents

During the month of August, many California residents may have found themselves contemplating whether to end their marriages. If this is the case, those individuals are not alone as a recent study indicated that March and August see the highest spikes for divorce filings during the year. There are various reasons behind why each month may see such an uptick.

At the end of the year, many families want to spend the holiday season together. As a result, unhappily married individuals may be more willing to put their differences aside in hopes of having enjoyable family time. Similarly, individuals may be more reluctant to divorce right after the new year because they have hopes that with the new year will come changes to their relationships. Of course, if these changes do not come about in the first few months of the year, the desire to proceed with divorce may hit right around March.

There are also indicators as to why August is a popular divorce month. As the summer holidays come to an end, many individuals may have hoped that their vacations would be a time to reconnect and bond with their spouses. However, if the vacations are not as pleasant as hoped, the divorce filing may still land in August. Additionally, by the time this month rolls around, many individuals who have been considering divorce have likely had ample amount of time to come to terms with the decision.

Though these months do see an increase in filings, California residents may decide to divorce at any point in the year. Whatever time it may be, there will likely be many concerns that they would like to address before and during their proceedings. Under any circumstances, consulting with an experienced attorney may be a wise step for them to take.

Source: bustle.com, "Divorce Rates Spike In March And August -- And Here's Why", Amanda Chatel, Aug. 26, 2016

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