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Prenups could help California residents with property division

Many people getting ready to walk down the aisle may hope that their relationships stand the test of time. Unfortunately, many who get married find themselves in an unexpected divorce. Therefore, it may be considered prudent for California residents to take certain precautions before tying the knot in order to prepare for potential property division and other proceedings should the relationship end. As such, prenuptial agreements could be useful to consider.

The idea of prenups may cause some individuals to question whether they really need one, but the document could be immensely beneficial. Individuals can create their own terms when it comes to how their property could be divided in the event of a divorce. Additionally, individuals could potentially set terms pertaining to alimony and other possible subjects that may need to be agreed upon.

Prenuptial agreements could also help by planning for possible decisions regarding finances in the event of one partner's death. An individual wanting to leave money or assets to an individual or individuals other than the spouse could address these desires in the prenup. Once agreed to, the spouse will likely be unable to attempt to keep the funds or assets for him or herself. 

Getting married is meant to be a joyous time, and creating a prenup does not have to tarnish that. This agreement could allow concerns to be brought out into the open, and individuals can handle any problems that may arise before vows are exchanged. California residents interested in creating their own prenuptial agreements may wish to discuss their property division concerns with experienced attorneys.

Source: washingtonblade.com, "Why pre-nups are not only for the rich and famous", Lawrence S. Jacobs, Sept. 17, 2016

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