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Collaboration may help with California child custody disputes

During and after divorce, many California residents may face hardships when it comes to the various terms to which they have agreed. Child custody agreements often spark disputes and upset among divorced parents, and they may not always be able to resolve their issues on their own. However, there are several legal options for seeking assistance when parties face conflicts. 

During divorce, individuals may want to take steps toward creating an amicable and communicative environment by utilizing collaborative law. A collaborative divorce allows individuals to have legal representation but also avoid litigation. If an individual does wish to pursue litigation, the collaborative process ends and new legal counsel must be obtained. However, this process could help receptive individuals work toward a collaborative agreement in hopes of leaving both sides relatively satisfied.

Another low-conflict method individuals may wish to explore is mediation. Individuals going through this process utilize a mediator -- often an attorney -- to act as an outside party in efforts to aid in the negotiation process. Both parties may express how they would like their agreements to look, and by discussing and compromising, individuals may be able to avoid complicated legal proceedings in order to reach an agreement.

Disagreements are bound to arise when it comes to child custody, but that does not mean that the individuals involved must fight tooth and nail for the terms they desire. Communication and collaboration could help interested California parents resolve disagreements and come to terms that they find acceptable. Because there are different methods for conflict resolution when it comes to legal agreements, interested individuals may wish to speak with experienced attorneys.

Source: goodmenproject.com, "But What if We Can't Agree? 6 Ways To Resolve Legal Custody Issues", Rebecca A. Myers, Sept. 30, 2016

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