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November 2016 Archives

California residents may need assistance for child support issues

Many custodial parents rely on support payments to make ends meet when it comes to providing for their children. However, there are many circumstances that could lead individuals to face child support issues. When these issues arise, finding out how to deal with them could help individuals determine what steps may help them work toward improving their situations. 

Retirement plans and divorce

If you live in a community property state such as California, divorcing generally means that each spouse gets half of the property and half of the debts. While there are several ways to work out a fair and equitable division of property, judges are not likely to approve any agreement that appears to violate the 50/50 rule. When you sit down to figure out your property division, it is important not to forget about any pension plans that either of you have. Pension plans can also be considered marital property and may need to be divided. Keep in mind, however, that a pension plan differs from regular property in several significant ways and may be subject to specific laws.

Family law: California residents may have alimony concerns

Many California residents may consider alimony to be an antiquated system. However, spousal support continues to be awarded in many of the divorce cases across the country. Therefore, if individuals are concerned with how that aspect of their cases could turn out, they may wish to speak with family law attorneys to find out potential outcomes and options. 

Family law: Mediation may be option for some California divorces

Many California residents who are going through divorce may know that they will need to continue a relationship with their soon-to-be exes. This continued relationship often occurs with individuals who have children. As a result, individuals often want their family law proceedings to go as smoothly as possible. With this in mind, some individuals may wish to consider mediation.

Prenups may be wise in California, even if divorce is unlikely

When couples get engaged, they often think of how happy their futures will be together. While this mindset is often one of positivity and love, it may also be wise to consider the potential for a marriage that does not work. One way individuals could protect themselves in the case of future divorce is to create prenuptial agreements. 

Child support modifications may help California parents

Being in a difficult spot financially could have a considerable impact on a person's life. Not only may it be impossible to meet everyday needs, but there could be a risk of criminal charges if child support payments are past due. If California residents fear such a fate, they may wish to find out available options for avoiding such an outcome. 

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