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Family law: Mediation may be option for some California divorces

Many California residents who are going through divorce may know that they will need to continue a relationship with their soon-to-be exes. This continued relationship often occurs with individuals who have children. As a result, individuals often want their family law proceedings to go as smoothly as possible. With this in mind, some individuals may wish to consider mediation.

Mediation is a divorce option that could allow willing parties to negotiate their divorce terms outside of the courtroom. A report recently gave one woman's account of her experience with mediation. The woman stated that the process did not come without its conflicts as dividing up property can often get contentious and litigation was at times a possibility. However, the mediators involved in the case helped keep the divorcing couple on track and avoid litigation.

In addition to property division, the mediation proceedings also resulted in the individuals creating a parenting plan. Because the process went smoothly enough, the woman stated that she was still able to trust her ex to care for the children and for the two parents to work together as co-parents. She also stated that she was pleasantly surprised by how her ex-husband stepped up in his parenting duties.

Mediation could be a feasible option for individuals who are hoping that their proceedings will move forward amicably. Interested California residents may wish to determine whether their particular cases could be suited for this type of divorce process. They may also want to discuss any concerns with experienced family law attorneys who could potentially provide much-needed information.

Source: NPR, "Finding A New Kind Of Partnership Through Divorce", Nov. 10, 2016

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