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Changes due to child custody terms may seem overwhelming to kids

Fully accepting that a marriage is coming to an end may be a difficult idea for some California residents to accept. This change may be even more difficult to understand for any children who may be affected by the divorce. Because child custody arrangements may seem frightening to children, parents may wish to approach the new situation in a sensitive manner. 

Though children likely have friends whose parents have divorced, it can seem overwhelming when it happens to their own family. As a result, children may start feeling depressed over their new circumstances, and they could potentially start acting out. This type of behavior is not uncommon for children who are feeling as if certain aspects of their lives are out of their control, and their parents' divorce could be a catalyst. 

In order to address behavioral issues and emotional upset, parents may wish to find the best way to discuss the topic of divorce with their kids. They may be able to explain how the custody arrangements will work so that the children understand how their schedules will change. Additionally, taking steps to help them get used to new routines may also be useful.

Because children are the ones most impacted by child custody arrangements, parents may want to take the time to ensure that the decisions they make regarding custody terms are for the best. If they are uncertain as to which arrangements may be most favorable, they may want to find out more information on their possible options. Discussing their concerns with experienced California family law attorneys could also help them come to the best terms.

Source: bradenton.com, "Helping children understand divorce", Kimberly Barbour, Jan. 13, 2017

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