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Could divorce cakes help California residents end marriages?

Ending a marriage can create a myriad of emotions for each person such proceedings affect. Some California residents may feel devastated by the turn of events while others may feel as if they are finally free to move forward with their lives as they see fit. The latter view may be becoming more popular as a recent divorce trend has celebratory tones.

According to recent reports, divorce cakes are becoming more popular. Because many parties often utilize cake as a centerpiece for birthdays, baby showers or other celebrations, this new cake movement may indicate that more individuals are viewing divorce as a positive milestone rather than a life-hindering experience. The report also noted that the trend's popularity has grown as one bakery owner indicated that she has an entire section dedicated to such cakes.

The cakes have varying designs, some with the phrase "Free at Last" placed decoratively atop the confection. Going the route of obtaining a divorce cake may even prove cathartic for some parties. One individual stated that after her musician spouse had an affair, she decorated her divorce cake with tiny broken guitars. 

Because divorce can be an emotional experience no matter what the exact feelings may be, taking part in a trend like divorce cakes could help individuals keep their emotions in check. By remaining level-headed, parties are often able to make better decisions, so rather than letting emotions fly in the courtroom, getting a cake may be a valid option for release. When it comes to dealing with the legal proceedings, individuals can gain assistance from experienced California attorneys to better work toward settlements worth celebrating.

Source: foodandwine.com, "Yes, Divorce Cakes are Really Trending", Rebekah Lowin, April 10, 2017

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