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Hostile spouses could have major impact on family law proceedings

When marriages end on less-than-amicable terms, some individuals may feel the hurt from that situation for years to come. As a result, serious effects could stem from more than just the family law proceedings associated with the divorce. In some cases, one party may feel the need to voice his or her unpleasant thoughts with other individuals, which can have a widespread impact. 

California residents may understand that trash-talking exes are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, it can still prove immensely difficult to handle the negative remarks. For instance, one man went through a situation in which his ex-wife deliberately spread lies about him in attempts to destroy his career. Additionally, parents may make disparaging comments to their children about the other parent or a stepparent, which can put children in a difficult position. 

Though a person's first instinct may be to lash out against his or her ex as well, taking such a route may only make matters more difficult. Therefore, a parent may especially want to try to remain calm in the situation in hopes of creating a safe space for his or her children. When they are older, the children may become more aware of the negative behaviors exhibited by the other parent and appreciate the effort put forward to protect them.

Unfortunately, this type of negative behavior can have substantial impacts on divorce proceedings, now and in the future. Therefore, if California residents are dealing with a hostile soon-to-be ex-spouses, they may wish to consult with their family law attorneys to determine their options for moving forward with proceedings as best as possible. If these actions continue after divorce and could be negatively impacting the children, parents may also want to consider filing petitions for custody modifications.

Source: goodmenproject.com, "How To Handle A Low Down Dirty, Trash Talking Ex", Kate Chapman, April 16, 2017

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