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Differing divorce methods may offer benefits in California

Whenever dealing with difficult predicaments, many California residents want to handle the issues in the least harmful way possible. Because divorce can have substantial impacts on the lives of those involved, many parties may wish to go through the process with as little conflict and upset as they can. For some, a collaborative approach may be able to offer such outcomes.

Because divorce can seem overwhelming and confusing, having the right information and assistance can make a considerable difference. With collaborative law, divorcing couples work with their legal counsel and various other professionals to complete the dissolution of their marriages. These professionals can offer advice on legal, financial and emotional aspects of the cases that often leave parties feeling uncertain when it comes to decision making.

All the parties involved work together in hopes of coming to an amicable agreement. In many cases, this route helps people come to terms in a timely manner. However, if collaboration does not prove to be the most effective method, individuals can still move forward with litigation. If they do choose to utilize litigation, they will need to obtain different legal counsel than those who assisted during the collaboration proceedings. 

Because each divorce case is different, the method that works for one couple may not work for another. Therefore, California residents may wish to fully explore their options before deciding which route to follow. Parties may also want to consider enlisting the assistance of knowledgeable attorneys in order to gain reliable information on the most plausible routes for completing their processes.

Source: jwcdaily.com, "Love & Marriage: Collaborative Split", Joanna Brown, May 6, 2017

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