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Story writing may reduce stress effects of divorce in California

Many California residents have likely been told to write down their feelings at some point or another. It is a commonly held belief that keeping a diary or journal can help individuals process emotion more fully in order to reduce stress and other issues. Because divorce is a particularly stressful event for many people, some parties may wish to consider how writing can help.

It was recently reported that creating a story from divorce could help lessen the effects of stress on the body. A study was conducted with 109 individuals in which separate groups were given different writing assignments. One group focused solely on their emotions relating to the issue, and a second group created a narrative story from their experience. The task for the third group was described as emotionally neutral. 

The study found that the narrative story group saw more beneficial effects of their writing than individuals in the other two groups. Their heart rates decreased in relation to the time before the writing, and they also presented better nervous system function. As a result, this writing technique could allow parties to process those divorce-related feelings in a healthier way.

Finding ways to cope with the stress and other emotional tolls of divorce can help many California residents move through the process more effectively. For some, gaining knowledge of what to expect from legal proceeding may allow them to feel more at ease. Therefore, interested parties may wish to speak with knowledgeable attorneys who can provide valuable and reliable information on the processes ahead.

Source: psychcentral.com, "Writing Divorce as 'Story' May Ease Cardiovascular Effects of Stress", Traci Pedersen, May 10, 2017

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