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Empathy, professional help may assist during California divorce

If the time comes for a marriage to end, some California residents may fear the dissolution process. They have likely heard numerous stories in which the divorcing couple faced complicated proceedings and continual arguments over who got what. However, not every divorce case has to take on such a tone, and many individuals may have the opportunity for a better process depending on how they approach their cases. 

One aspect that could help some people face a less stressful divorce is to practice empathy. Everyone from the couple themselves to the children to other close relatives can be impacted by the end of a marriage, and understanding that feelings can run high may lower the likelihood of emotional outbursts. Children especially need a stable environment in which to deal with their parents' divorce. 

Additionally, if the situation does become overwhelming, professional assistance from a counselor could help. Many people have a difficult time handling strong emotions on their own, and without the knowledge of how to properly cope with a stressful situation, individuals can easily find themselves feeling out of control. A counselor or other therapist may be able to provide useful tools for handling strong emotions during a difficult time.

California residents may also wish to utilize other professional assistance, including experienced family law attorneys. These legal professionals could provide useful information on the divorce process itself, what tools and tactics may best suit specific circumstances and how to approach a potentially difficult case. Interested individuals may find speaking with experienced attorneys useful as they address the legal aspects of ending a marriage.

Source: The Huffington Post, "How to Have a Better Divorce", Dr. Gail Gross, June 13, 2017

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