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There is no set way for California residents to discuss divorce

Deciding the best time to bring up a difficult and potentially life-changing topic can seem impossible. Some prefer to plan ahead and anticipate possible reactions, while others may simply want to take a fast approach and get an issue out in the open as soon as possible. For many California residents, telling a spouse about the desire to divorce could be such a difficult topic.

When individuals feel uncertain about potentially ending their relationships, they may feel even more reluctant to broach the topic. However, for some, the end of this particular era may be unavoidable. One man described his situation of asking his wife for divorce after 14 years of marriage. He stated that they had grown apart during their years together and had chosen to separate.

During the separation, his wife had begun to see another person, and a month after learning this, the man asked for the divorce. He indicated that it was an emotional time for both of them, and he described it as the one of his worst days. However, he also stated that it was the best decision.

The idea of divorce can wreak havoc on anyone's emotions, but in some cases, it can be more emotionally challenging to remain in an unhappy and unhealthy marriage. If some California residents have recently broached the topic of divorce and want to gain more information on their legal options, they may wish to consult with an experienced attorney. Enlisting this assistance could better ensure that a potentially difficult time goes more smoothly.

Source: Women's Health, "8 Men Share How They Asked Their Wives For A Divorce", Scott Muska, June 1, 2017

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