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California residents may feel intense emotions about divorce

It is not always easy to determine when a marriage no longer has the ability to last. Some parties may feel it coming for a long time, and others may suddenly feel overwhelmed by the knowledge that their relationships no longer works. However, the decision to divorce is an immensely personal one, and many California residents will likely want to give the decision its due consideration.

One aspect that parties may want to consider once they begin looking into divorce is whether they have voiced their concerns to their spouse. Though one person may feel as if he or she has been clear about the problems, there is a high chance that the other individual may not have fully understood. Therefore, individuals may want to ensure that they have done what they can to express their feelings clearly.

If a person takes these steps and the issues continue to grow, he or she may begin to feel at a loss. He or she may want to take additional steps in hopes of potentially salvaging the relationship, such as going to counseling or working to determine where the true issues with the relationship lie. However, even then, some people may feel that their marriages have run their courses.

When the realization that divorce is on the horizon sets in, some parties may feel relief while others feel a sense of loss. While all emotions during this time are valid, it is important for California residents to remember that making emotional decisions regarding the legal aspects of ending their marriage could prove costly. Therefore, they may want to work to keep their emotions in check as best as possible in order to work through their legal proceedings with a clear mind.

Source: thedailytimes.com, "Questions to ask before getting divorce", Brenda-Lee W. Duarte, July 2, 2017

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