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Is fear holding California residents back from divorce?

Fear is a natural part of life and is a feeling that can often keep individuals from participating in certain activities or carrying out certain tasks. Though many California residents may feel fine avoiding situations that make them feel apprehensive or afraid, letting fear control a person's life could prove detrimental. For some, fear can even keep them from seeking divorce though they are in a negative relationship.

Numerous people feel the need to stay in unhealthy relationships, so parties facing such circumstances should not feel alone. However, they also do not have to feel alone in the desire to get out of the relationship and start again in a more positive environment. For some individuals feeling held back by fear, visualizing other scenarios in which the circumstances are much worse may make it easier to take the desired step toward ending the marriage.

Another way in which parties could potentially deal with the apprehension and anxiety of filing for divorce is to start small. If money for legal proceedings is an issue, individuals could focus on savings. Next, if children are involved, parents should determine how the situation could affect their kids and how to take the best approach for keeping stress to a minimum.

Trying to take on every divorce aspect at once can often exacerbate the feelings of fear and anxiety. By assessing the specific circumstances and understanding options, California residents may begin to feel their fear wane as they learn how to effectively handle their predicaments. Having professional advocates in their corners may also help concerned individuals, and experienced attorneys may be able to provide assistance.

Source: yourtango.com, "9 Real Women Share How To Face Your Fears And LEAVE A Toxic Relationship", Liza Caldwell and Kimberly Mishkin, July 21, 2017

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