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Will adultery impact a California divorce?

Ending a marriage can be a confusing process for many California residents. Though copious amounts of information regarding divorce is available for individuals to explore, some parties may end up with the wrong information or believe misconceptions. This type of scenario could potentially result in people feeling even more lost during their legal proceedings.

One misconception that some individuals may have about ending a marriage is that they may gain a more favorable outcome if a spouse committed adultery. However, because no-fault laws apply to divorce cases in the state, there is no need to prove that one spouse caused the marriage to end. As a result, adultery will likely not play much of a role in the outcomes of the divorce proceedings.

Of course, there could be an exception to this notion. If a spouse used a considerable amount of money in order to carry out the affair, such as spending funds on expensive trips or rental property, those actions could impact settlement terms. The adulterous spouse may be required to pay more to the other spouse in order to make up for the manner in which that money was used.

Though finding out that a spouse has had an affair can be a devastating blow, individuals would likely do well to remember that such actions may not affect divorce outcomes as they thought they would. California residents may wish to find out more information on no-fault laws to better understand how those laws can impact the dissolution of their marriages. Speaking with experienced attorneys could help interested parties with this endeavor.

Source: wisebread.com, "4 Myths About Divorce and Money, Debunked", Dan Rafter, July 11, 2017

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