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Child custody issues may stress California parents and kids

Providing children with the most love possible is often a goal of many California parents. Of course, during times of considerable stress and change, parents may have a difficult time remembering to ensure that their children are handling the situation as best as possible. When it comes to divorce and child custody issues, dealing with the coming changes could take a toll on kids.

One way to help children get through their parents' divorce successfully is to allow them to feel secure in knowing that both parents love them. Because divorce can cause a considerable amount of tension between parents, children may feel caught in the middle. They may feel as if they have to choose sides or that one parent may not love them as much if they enjoy spending time with the other parent.

By providing love, encouragement and attention, children may understand that having a strong relationship with both parents is approved. Of course, even though divorce can be hard on parents, they may want to refrain from placing their children in the role of friend. If parents begin confiding in or venting to their children, the kids could take on unnecessary stress.

Every divorce situation differs due to the various circumstances involved. If parents are able to remain amicable after the marriage ends, there may be a greater chance of continuing to work together when it comes to child custody. If California residents are concerned about how custody terms may come about and how their children will be affected, they may wish to speak with knowledgeable family law attorneys about their legal options.

Source: New York Daily News, "3 ways parents can protect their children during a divorce", Jacqueline Newman, Aug. 18, 2017

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