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Hasty divorce decisions may have negative impact in California

Ending a marriage can often be a time of confusion and stress for everyone involved. As a result, some California residents may find themselves wanting to get through the legal proceedings for divorce as quickly as possible. However, they may also wish to remember that making hasty decisions just to complete the process may have negative effects.

Some parties may think that because an agreement seems good at the present moment then it will work out in the future as well. That is not always the case, and individuals could face struggles and conflicts that may have been avoided had they more clearly thought through the potential repercussions. For instance, a person may agree to allow a soon-to-be ex to continuing living in the home as long as the ex agrees to certain settlement terms.

Though the individual may like the idea of getting whatever he or she wants, continued cohabitation with an ex can prove detrimental. The situation may give the wrong impression, and an ex may think there is a chance to get back together. Additionally, if children are involved, the kids may become confused about the situation and face more emotional turmoil later.

It is understandable that most people want to get through their divorce cases in a timely manner. However, taking the extra time to ensure that the decisions made will have minimal negative effects may be worth it. California residents who are concerned about their legal proceedings may wish to enlist the assistance of experienced attorneys who could potentially help them see the various outcomes of certain decisions and what choices may prove most beneficial.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Rushing This In Your Divorce Can Give You Heartburn", Morghan Leia Richardson, July 17, 2017

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