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High-asset divorce can take time to sort through in California

Many people enter into marriage dissolution proceedings with ideas of what they hope to achieve. When parties are dealing with considerable amounts of wealth as part of their divorce process, the situation may turn contentious and take a great deal of time to sort out. California residents may find such a situation currently underway in another state interesting.

Reports stated that many millions of dollars are playing a role in the divorce proceedings for the founder of Cancer Treatment Centers of America and his ex-wife. Apparently, the case has been ongoing for almost a decade, and the woman is reportedly hoping to gain a hefty outcome of $400,000 in monthly alimony. However, legal representation for her ex states that she left him in order to live a simpler life and that her request does not suit that desire.

The report also stated that the woman had not upheld the terms of a prenuptial agreement. However, the exact terms to which she apparently did not adhere were not given in the report. In attempts to negotiate, her ex-husband's representation stated that providing $9,000 each month and allowing her to keep $4 million in jewelry would be a more comfortable outcome.

Money has a tendency to cause serious issues in marriages and divorce, as this case shows. If California residents are dealing with high-asset situations, they may wish to determine the best courses of action for working toward the outcomes they desire. Consulting with their legal counsel to ensure that they understand their options may prove beneficial.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Cancer Treatment Centers founder: Ex-wife trying to 'extort' money in divorce", Amanda Marrazzo, Aug. 9, 2017

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