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Avoid 3 emotional pitfalls on social media during your divorce

Everyone makes mistakes. It is a fact of life, but in some situations, social media seems to make them worse.

This can be the case in divorce, when someone who is splitting up uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like for reasons that hinder emotional well-being. Here is a look at common blunders you should avoid.

1. Accessing your ex's account

Perhaps you have always had access to your ex's social media account because you know the password or have a computer or tablet where the password is stored. It can be tempting to go into the account and see what your ex is up to. What is he or she saying about you in private messages? Has he or she blocked you from seeing certain posts?

Resist this temptation. Not only is accessing your ex's account an emotional black hole, it could possibly lead to legal trouble. If you do not trust yourself to stay out of an account, ask your ex to change the password.

2. Cutting off all social media ties to your ex

This one is not always a mistake; it can be necessary and healthy in some situations. However, if you are someone who has a good co-parenting relationship and wants it to continue, and your split is fairly amicable, then blocking your ex on social media may come off as vindictive. It could sour ongoing talks and make your ex wonder if you are negotiating from a position of good faith. If you are in doubt about whether to block, ask your attorney.

3. Bragging about your life

Maybe you have jumped into the dating pool and are posting picture after picture of your new sweetie in hopes of making your ex jealous. Or perhaps you have found a gold mine of memes that express how much better off you are. Avoid this type of passive-aggressive behavior (no posts about how much improved the house looks now that Pat has moved out!). It can delay your healing process and derail the divorce talks.

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