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What You Think You Know About Divorce Can Hurt You

A lot of talk is spread around about divorce. Most people only pay half attention to what is said until they find themselves staring at divorce.

Unfortunately, much of what people think is true about divorce simply isn’t. Many people’s impression of divorce comes from friends or family that have been through the process. Every divorce is different, however, so determining what applies to your divorce based on what someone else experienced is not a good way to go about it. recently posted an article listing 20 commonly held myths about divorce. Here are some that are important to clear up.

You dont have to worry about your spouses credit card debt. Simply put, wrong. Any credit cards that are held in both parties’ names are the responsibility of both parties. It is a good idea to make elimination of jointly held credit cards part of the divorce agreement. The parties will have to reach terms on how balances will be paid off.

Women never pay spousal support. If a wife was the major earner in a household and the husband had a smaller salary or provided the bulk of the child care, it is common for women to pay spousal support. This is especially true if a husband contributed financially to a spouse’s education, such as a graduate degree, law school or medical school.

The house is the plumb asset to pay attention to in property division. A retirement account, vacation home or investment property, or a family business may be the most valuable asset to address when resolving how marital property will be divided.

Its always best to settle out of court. It’s true that resolving disputes out of court is typically less costly and less stressful. However, if one party is demanding too much in terms of child custody, property division or any aspect of your divorce, it is wise to protect your rights and have an experienced lawyer present your argument to a judge.

The courts attempt to create the same standard of living for both parties after divorce. The simple fact is it’s more expensive to operate two households than it is to operate one. Courts attempt to divide marital property equitably and ensure that minor children maintain the same economic lifestyle they had prior to the divorce. However, it is not the court’s intent to ensure equal standards of living for both spouses long term. One or both spouses may experience a decline in standard of living following a divorce.

The most effective way to enter the divorce process with realistic expectations is to work with an experienced family law attorney who will protect your rights, while also being candid about what to expect and what may be unreasonable to expect.

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