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May 2018 Archives

1 charged with DUI following alleged pursuit in California

Being involved in a routine traffic stop can be a stressful and harrowing experience. However, attempting to evade a traffic stop is never advisable and may only lead law enforcement agents to have increased suspicion of unlawful activity. A 46-year-old man has been arrested and accused of DUI after allegedly leading police on a short pursuit during a recent incident in California.

Divorce: Helping the kids pursue a college degree

For parents in California or elsewhere, few things may be as important as protecting the future of the kids. While some parents might spend years putting away money to help their children pursue a college education, this can be an expensive endeavor. In addition, a change in circumstances could also disrupt a parent's ability to save, and those who are going through a divorce may wish to know how they can protect their child's opportunities for higher education.

Family law: Addressing summer breaks during negotiations

After making the decision to end a marriage, parents in California may consider it essential to provide the kids with a certain level of stability. During child custody negotiations, parents may seek to reach a schedule that accounts for the everyday needs of the kids. However, since their needs may be subject to change at times, a parent could find it helpful to speak with a family law attorney for advice on how to handle scenarios such as summer vacations.

Bankruptcy: The potential downsides of settling debts

Constantly dealing with high amounts of debt can be a substantial burden. Individuals in California who experience the challenges of debt may suffer in a variety of ways, and without experience in such matters, they may be uncertain how best to approach the situation. While there are numerous outlets to assist with monetary hardships, those who are considering debt settlement might find it advisable to proceed with caution, as bankruptcy could prove to be a healthier financial solution.

Will you need to pay off your ex's debts in a divorce?

Getting divorced is often a source of major stress and uncertainty for everyone involved. Some families have valid prenuptial agreements that will guide the division of assets. The majority, however, will have to decide at the time of their separation how to split things up. If you can't find a mutually agreeable compromise with your spouse, that will probably mean heading to court to determine who gets what in your divorce.

Knowing which actions to avoid during divorce in California

When facing the end of a marriage, many individuals in California and elsewhere may have some concern about how their financial futures will be affected in the process. Since this is an essential part of life for many, forming a strategy to protect one's finances could prove vital. While planning for this aspect of divorce could be crucial, a person may also find that speaking with a family law attorney for advice on actions to avoid could also prove invaluable.

Summer vacation months can create strain on your parenting plan

Every family is inherently unique, which means that every divorce and custody situation is also unique. This is why courts spend a lot of time carefully considering your family's situation when establishing the terms of a parenting plan and custody arrangements during a divorce. The intention is to create a solution that works for everyone in the family, while focusing on the best needs of the children.

The difference between community and separate property in divorce

Regardless of the level of wealth a couple possesses, dissolving a marriage can be a complex process. In community property states, such as California, all marital assets must be divided evenly between spouses. However, certain assets might not be deemed as marital property during divorce, and knowing the difference between community and separate property could prove essential to preparing a person for what comes next.

Incident in parking lot leads to DUI charges for 1

A California man has recently been accused of driving under the influence in relation to his alleged involvement in an incident that is said to have taken place in the parking lot of a local shopping center. In addition to felony DUI charges, he also stands accused of assault. Those who face similar charges could choose to prepare for upcoming legal proceedings by seeking guidance from a defense attorney.

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