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July 2018 Archives

2 facing DUI charges after allegedly fleeing the scene of a crash

Two individuals have been arrested in relation to an incident in which a passenger allegedly attempted to switch seats with a driver after a crash in California. Leaving the scene of a crash is never advisable and can also lead to criminal charges. Regardless of the motivations behind a similar action, switching seats with a driver while under the influence may only make matters worse and could leave both parties accused of DUI.

Knowing the topics to address during divorce in California

It is no secret that ending a marriage can be a stressful and emotional process. With numerous crucial topics to address, it can also be complex, and those who are going through a divorce may find it advisable to seek guidance early on. Individuals in California may wish to prepare for what comes next by gaining an understanding of what topics will be covered in the process, but they might need guidance in achieving this goal.

Could an inherited IRA play a role in divorce negotiations?

In community property states, such as California, all assets obtained over the course of a marriage are considered marital property. As such, they will be divided equally between spouses in the event of a divorce. However, while certain assets, such as an inherited IRA, may retain their separate identity throughout the process, some may wonder if they can use such an asset to negotiate a favorable outcome during legal proceedings.

Keep your kids uninvolved when dealing with a custody battle

The emotions that well up during a divorce can often be overwhelming. Many people look for an outlet anywhere they can find one. Sometimes, that outlet is the minor children from the marriage. For example, if your ex is refusing to pay child support but still demanding visitation, you might feel like the children should know that the other parent is acting like a deadbeat.

Considering every aspect of divorce prior to entering the process

Certain life events can be difficult to plan for, such as the end of a marriage. However, with nearly half of marriages in California and across the nation resulting in divorce, a similar circumstance may become a reality for many. Those who are facing the possibility of dissolving a marriage may find it helpful to seek guidance on how to prepare for the process.

Car trouble leads to DUI charges for California man

Car trouble can happen to anyone at any moment and can leave a person stranded on the side of the road. Upon encountering such a vehicle, authorities may stop in to check on the driver and offer assistance where necessary. Unfortunately, an incident that took place under similar circumstances in California has left a 23-year-old man facing DUI charges.

Addressing concerns of divorce and retirement in California

For many individuals in California and elsewhere, having a strategy in place for the future is of the utmost importance. However, certain life events can be difficult to plan for, such as the end of a marriage. For individuals who are closing in on retirement age, the concept of going through a divorce late in life can be an intimidating topic, and they may have concerns about how a similar process will affect their futures.

Keep your divorce off of social media

You use social media to connect with friends and family members about everything. A job change. A vacation. A new jacket. It doesn't matter. You post everything and really engage on social media, through multiple platforms.

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