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Keep your divorce off of social media

You use social media to connect with friends and family members about everything. A job change. A vacation. A new jacket. It doesn't matter. You post everything and really engage on social media, through multiple platforms.

Try to curb this instinct when it comes to divorce. Stay off of social media. Keep it private, at least until it is over.

The thing is, social media is a great source of evidence in divorce cases. You absolutely can save your spouse's posts when they help your position. If your spouse claims he or she can't afford child support, for instance, but you find posts with a new car and other lavish purchases, that can shed some light on his or her real financial abilities.

While watching for this evidence can help you, you do not want to do anything that compromises your own position. Some common mistakes people make include:

1. Attacking your spouse

Yes, divorce is hard. It may not bring out the best in either of you. It can lead to arguments and legal battles. However, publicly attacking your spouse online only creates extra tension and drama that you do not need. It can make the divorce far more contentious. If you have children, this type of behavior really drives a wedge between them and your spouse, which is decidedly not in their best interests.

2. Sharing too much

Everyone on your friends list does not need to know who said what or who was unfaithful to the marriage. Do not post everything just to rant, putting your private life online. You can't take it back. It is always good to take a social media break, calm down, and then really think through what you want people to know.

3. Making yourself look bad

Remember, social media posts are evidence. One survey found that 81 percent of attorneys have noticed a recent increase in the amount of cases that use social platforms to gather important details. Things you post can be used against you. Your spouse may try to use these posts to get more money while dividing assets or to get full custody of the children, for instance. Do not incriminate yourself. Post as little as possible to avoid accidentally doing so.

4. "Hacking" your spouse

Maybe you and your spouse shared passwords. Maybe you can guess what ones he or she would use. Hacking into social media profiles or email accounts is never advisable, no matter what you think your spouse is hiding or how fed up you are. It can put you on dangerous legal ground and hurt your case.

As you move through your divorce, make sure you carefully consider what you post and learn about your legal options.

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