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August 2018 Archives

Refinancing or applying for a new mortgage following divorce

When couples in California and elsewhere make the decision to dissolve a marriage, one of the most common concerns may pertain to how to handle the family home. In some cases, a couple may decide to sell the home following a divorce. However, should one person wish to remain in the home, both parties may need to reach a decision concerning a potential buyout, and a person may also need to refinance the mortgage or apply for a new loan altogether.

1 facing DUI charges after driving car into ocean in California

There might be a variety of scenarios in which a person could lose control of a vehicle and veer off course. In some cases, a moment of distraction can have a similar outcome, and a medical emergency can also leave a person momentarily incapable of staying on course. A recent incident in which witnesses claim a car veered onto the beach and became slightly submerged in the ocean has left a man facing DUI charges in California.

Making the necessary financial adjustments after divorce

Many individuals in California may wish to take steps to protect their financial futures upon making the decision to dissolve a marriage. When forming a strategy for divorce proceedings, one may find it helpful to gain an awareness of all marital assets and the values of each in turn. However, even after a divorce is finalized, individuals may still need to take certain precautions to protect their finances, such as updating information on retirement accounts.

1 accused of DUI during recent traffic stop in California

While being involved in a traffic stop might not be ideal, in some cases, it could be unavoidable. Even something as minor as a burnt-out headlight or noisy exhaust pipe could prompt authorities to pull a driver over. Unfortunately, a recent traffic stop in California has left a 52-year-old woman facing DUI charges after she allegedly struck a police car and attempted to flee the scene.

What can you do when a seller won't move out of the home you buy?

Buying a home as a major investment. Whether you purchase it as your primary residence or intend to rent it out to others, a new home is a significant purchase. There are many benefits to acquiring real estate, but there are also many potential pitfalls. One issue that people don't often consider until it happens to them is the potential for the seller to not move out.

Common issues that may lead a couple to consider divorce

Upon making the decision to marry, many couples in California and elsewhere may enter the union with the goal of staying together throughout life. Over the course of a marriage, couples may face a variety of challenges, ranging from minor disagreements to heated arguments. While a couple may experience hardships under numerous scenarios, studies suggest that certain issues may increase the chances of divorce.

Bankruptcy: Keeping debt from impacting retirement plans

Dealing with significant amounts of debt can be challenging for individuals of any age. However, for individuals in California that are approaching retirement, there may be additional concerns to facing overwhelming financial obligations. Those who experience similar challenges may benefit from speaking with a bankruptcy attorney for guidance on the available options to help reduce or eliminate debts and regain control over their finances.

Avoid these mistakes if you plan to divorce

If you are not careful, divorce can be tricky and full of pitfalls. Unfortunately, even a small misstep can seriously damage your finances. When you are starting over after a long-term marriage, your post-divorce financial health should be among your top priorities. For instance, can you afford to keep your marital home in Santa Rosa or would it benefit you more to sell the property and divide the proceeds? Insisting on coming out of a divorce with the house is a mistake that many people make out of nothing more that sentimental attachment.

Off-duty police officer faces DUI charges in California

There may be a multitude of scenarios in which a driver can become drowsy while operating a motor vehicle. Those who are on the road for extended periods or have demanding work schedules could be more susceptible to fatigue. Unfortunately, an off-duty police officer has been arrested and is now facing DUI charges after allegedly falling asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle in California.

California will take legal action if you don't pay child support

Money is a common source of serious disagreements in modern marriages. In fact, financial problems can often be a contributing factor to a divorce. However, just getting divorced doesn't mean that the fight over financial issues will end. In fact, more issues may arise as your divorce moves forward.

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