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Social media can expose you: Use it wisely

When you're going through a divorce, it's a necessity to stay off social media. You don't want to give your spouse the upper hand in court. Going on social media gives the public information about you. That might include photos from a drunken night out or pictures of your brand-new car.

It's best to stay off social media, because any hint of hiding assets or spending beyond the means you've claimed to have can hurt your divorce case. Instead, you should lock your accounts, deactivate them temporarily, if possible, and make sure they're set to private. You don't want anyone looking at your social media accounts until your divorce is resolved.

Do you need to completely eliminate social media?

Your Santa Rosa family law attorney will likely advise you to get rid of your social media accounts completely until your divorce is finalized. However, some people cannot get rid of social media due to work or other obligations. In those cases, it's essential to make sure you have security on your page and only share essential pieces of information. You don't want to upload images or information that could harm your reputation or give your spouse evidence that could come back to haunt you during your divorce. Staying offline is best, but if you can't, secure your social media and don't make it public.

How can you use social media to your advantage during divorce?

In the same way that social media can hurt your case, it can help you, too. Your goal should be to collect as much evidence on your spouse as possible through their social media if they have left it open to the public. For example, if your spouse posts an image of an asset that wasn't disclosed or makes a statement that shows their intention to cause conflict, these are good posts to show to the court.

Social media can also be used if you want to show that the other person is not a good parent. For example, people who have multiple photos of recent nights out binge drinking or videos of them harming or scaring their children could have those items used against them in court.

Social media can be helpful to you if you can access your spouse's pages while deactivating your own. Remember, the goal in any divorce is to do what you can to protect your own interests while looking for ways to provide evidence against your spouse when it can better your case's outcome.

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